Voyager 3 GoPro – Excel in Aerial Photography Like A Pro

Walkera Voyager 3 Gopro Dual-Navigation System GPS RC Quadcopter

Aerial photography has been the latest craze among the youngsters. You can find the drones with cameras fitted almost everywhere. It has become part of the life, like the Smartphones has emerged into. The Voyager 3 GoPro is a package of advanced technology drone with a professional grade GoPro camera. It lets you take pictures and videos and record them directly on to the connected system.

With its unique body design and other smart technologies, this Voyager 3 GoPro has emerged to the top amongst the aerial drones that are made for aerial photography. It comes with all that are needed for its use and is definitely ready to fly.

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Voyager 3 GoPro Characteristics

The relationship of landing gear and gimbal

The Voyager 3 GoPro is a quadcopter with a deformative design where the landing gear can move out of the vision of the gimbal where the camera is attached. This helps allow 360 degree view for the camera to capture all those breathtaking images. The gimbal and landing gear are connected like “L” and they can work in sync. When you want to land the aircraft, lower the landing gear.

GoPro Gimbal

The gimbal that carries the camera is flexible and connected to the landing gear for their synchronized activity. The gimbal can rotate freely and is also detachable. It has 360 degrees movement all around. It can also tilt the camera to get a better angle. There are no restrictions in taking pictures with this.

The gimbal for Voyager 3 GoPro is customized to hold the GoPro camera on it. Although the Voyager 3 is available separately, in order to use the GoPro camera you need this customized gimbal to hold it in place.

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This customized gimbal can keep the stability of the camera and take smooth and perfect pictures or videos.

GoPro 4K HD camera

The GoPro camera of this drone is 4K to take highest quality pictures that shout professionalism all over. It can practically absorb the beauty of the view as it is. This can transmit the real time images faster with the 5.8G remote transmission technology. It is controlled by remote and can use with a self timer as well.

Control system- DEVO F12E

The remote control for the drone and its camera is provided with the package. The control transmitter used here is the DEVO F12E. It is an FPV radio that can control the drone and also show the real time image right on the small LCD screen on the remote. The transmission happens through the different 32 channels that receive from the 5.8G technology.

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The control system works on telemetry function that displays the battery voltage, temperature, altitude, distance and GPS co-ordinates on the 5 inch LCD screen. It has a longer transmission distance than usual. It can transmit images even at a far away distance of 1.5 km.

The remote contains the landing gear control, gimbal control knobs, sticks for upward or downward movements and that for the sideways movements. The ergonomic gimbal control knob is of 2 parts. One large knob operates the pitch control angle while the smaller knob over it is for the camera rolling in a range of 45 degrees angle.

The remote works on battery power. It uses LiPo battery with a capacity of 1600-3000mAh. Choose the suitable language for you and also upgrade it easily online.


GCS App control

Voyager 3 GoPro could be controlled by the GCS App also. Download the app and sync it to the controller to enjoy some extra features. The app allows the pilot to have 3 new features like one key each for start, hover and to land the drone. The remote control and the app can also be used at the same time, simultaneously.

Modular design

The body of the Voyager 3 is made in plastic, carbon fiber, and aluminum for sustainability. It can stay stable and keep the camera steady without the vibrations affecting the images. The brushless motors work smooth and without much disturbances.

The design allows having easy access to all the ports and parts. It is also easier to do any repairs when or of it needs any.

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Battery power

Voyager 3 GoPro has got one of the highest powered batteries for its working. The battery used here is the rechargeable lithium polymer battery with a humongous capacity of 29.6V 6000mAh. This work power allows a flight time of 20-25 minutes. The battery shows its power on the sides with LED lighting. It shows 4 bars of green colored light to show its power.

Navigation system

Voyager 3 GoPro enjoys this dual navigation system that has both the GPS and GLONASS systems in it. It lets the pilot have a better control and positioning of the drone and allows more accurate flying, especially to the unknown areas of the globe. The dual navigation system allows to have these unique features.

Follow me mode allows the drone to automatically follow and shoot you. This is one feature that demands experience from the pilot. It is not comfortable to have someone or in this case, something stalking you. So you better know what you are doing and have a better control as well.

Fly around in circles automatically round and fly over the object in 360 degrees for a panoramic view.

Fly intelligently is an application that uses a smaller device called ground station platform and allows the drone to plan its flying, automatic cruise and take off. The cruise mode lets the aircraft to fly around a specific perimeter of a customized radius.

Return home feature makes the fight to come back automatically when this function is activated. It also makes the aircraft to return home when moves beyond the radio range.

In the package

The Voyager 3 GoPro package includes,

  • 1 Voyager 3 GoPro quadcopter
  • DEVO F12E radio control
  • 1 Gimbal with GoPro camera
  • 1 LiPo battery


Voyager 3 GoPro is definitely high quality drone with HD camera. The landing gear flexibility and the dual navigation systems are highlights of this drone. The flight time is also above average with the facility to control the cruise by 2 methods, radio control, and app control.

The problem areas are that

  • The app is suitable for only Android users and not widely compatible. This can easily let go since the radio control can have all the control the aircraft needs.
  • It is highly priced at closer to $2000
  • The equipment is pretty heavier at 3400 grams.


The bottom line is that Voyager 3 GoPro is no beginner drone, and it definitely calls for experience to fly it smooth. The advanced features need some care while working on. This is a professional aerial drone but may not be considered the most professional. But for those who eye for a quality, professional drone for their use, Voyager 3 GoPro is a definite choice.

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