Phantom 4 The Pacesetter Among Drones – Review

Phantom 4 PRO

Have plans to buy a phantom 4 drone then you are at the right track. Phantom 4 is an exemplary masterpiece from the DJI brand. They have proved repeatedly that they have the guts to create fierce quadcopter’s that can rule the consumer airspace. Phantom 4 takes you to a voyage that gives you the feel of a bird’s eye view.

A quick glance through Phantom 4 features

  • Uses GPS technology to auto takeoff and auto return home
  • DJI GO app enables monitoring and controlling the drone easily
  • Captures 4k High definition videos at 30fps with a 12 megapixel camera
  • Captures crisp images with a broad field lens of f/2.8
  • Built in software which helps to edit videos, images and to add multimedia to your shots
  • Helps to pull clean images and footages while in the air and all this is done with the help of gimbal stabilization technology

Easy To Fly

Flying is now an easy task and literally, anyone can do it easily with phantom 4. Just double tap and there you go. Phantom 4 precisely hovers around the skies with the help of advanced stereo vision position system (VPS). It can hover with the support of satellite positioning which makes it easy to fly. The sky seems a safer place for phantom as it has obstacle sensing system that keeps it away from bumping and crashing. The VPS watches the movements of the phantom 4 and in case of any disturbance it will return the drone to its original hovering point. After flying high a simple tap, will enable the auto return feature and the drone will be back home safely. It also gives automatic flight logs and details which you can check later to collect information.

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Start Shooting Like A Pro

If you have plans to shoot videos then you can use the ActiveTrack feature that effortlessly tracks the subject. A few taps and your phantom 4 is all set to follow your subject and keep them well inside the frame. It does all this without the help of GPS, trackers or similar stuffs.

Sport Mode Not For A Beginner Though

It flies at a top speed of 45 miles per hour and has an ascent rate of 20 feet/s. These features allow the phantom to take turns quickly and run behind the subjects shooting stunning videos. This hell boy is unstoppable in its sport mode and nearly flips over during its turns. If you are a professional pilot then you can maneuver this craft smoothly and beginners do watch out, as it is not your cup of tea. Another aspect about sport mode is that even though it performs excellently it drains out the batteries quickly. Moreover, you cannot use certain features like automated flight controls and object avoidance systems during this mode. Sport mode is for professionals who know what they are doing and how to get it done.

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Multiple Modes To Choose From

Phantom 4 offers different flight modes, which makes it an excellent choice especially for professionals who are up to something new. You can switch flight modes according to your needs. If you want to navigate intelligently or looking for a simple footage you will get what you want. If you would like to add some speed and capture racing scenes or adrenalin rushing events then you can for the same. Capturing videos and images with multiple modes is an easy task with this drone. Phantom 4 also offers an increased flying time and gives a range of 5km with complete control. It also transmits 720 pixels high definition videos and images. Now you can see whatever you camera gets to see through its lenses with a sharper focus. The phantom 4 connects to GPS & GLONASS for intelligent flight positioning. It connects to the satellites faster and hovers precisely over the skies.

Savor The Thrill Of Speed

The phantom 4 flies swiftly and at top speed in the sport mode. The craft has increased agility due the magnesium core and that is what propels the drone to increase its speed. After activating the positioning systems, the speed increase by 25%. In addition, the streamlined body and well-equipped battery prolongs the flight time by 28 minutes. This is an impressive flying time for a drone and better than the previous model phantom 3.

As mentioned before the magnesium core reduces the weight of the drone and helps to minimize the vibrations. It also helps to take off, making it agile and improves the balance. These revolutionary materials make the drone to fly precisely. It has two tools like dual compass modules and dual inertial measurement units. These tools constantly check the reliability of the data that the drone receives and filters out the incorrect data. Thus isolating the incorrect data and having a smooth flight. PUSH-AND-RELEASE PROPELLER along with the streamlined body helps in faster flight. This drone comes with a carrying case that makes it easy to transport.

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No More Crashing Scenes

It senses an obstacle on its path and bids good-bye intelligently to avoid bumping into it. This drone has obstacle-avoiding sensors combined with advanced computer vision to do the work. It processes the information and navigates precisely without crashing or avoiding objects. The vision positioning systems are efficient which allows safe flying indoors as well as outdoors.

The tapfly option is another feature that makes this drone an excellent pick. The phantom 4 responds to each tap that you make. In this mode, you can tap on your device screen and make the drone to fly to the target. It navigates to the position where you want it to be without bumping and crashing. Thanks to the obstacle avoidance system, that has made flying easy and possible.

Stunning Images And Videos

If you have a craze of photography and shooting breathtaking videos then this drone can be of great help. It shoots clean and sharp images with 4k at 30fps. You get images and videos with full HD 1080p at 120 fps for slow motion through a specially designed lens that increases the sharpness factor. The 12-megapixel camera encapsulates all the minute details and furbishes perfect clicks.


You can also edit the images and videos using in-built features like color profiles. There are ranges of color profiles that help you tame the videos, as you want. There are brighter profiles and professional flat profiles that include D-Log and Cine-D that are best suited for video post-production. This drone is a great tool for filmmakers, extreme sport riders to capture their performance and fun lovers.

The best part is that even during a flight it takes quality pictures without those vibration issues during movements. To make this possible advanced 3-axis gimbal technology plays its part efficiently. It removes unwarranted vibration and enables the camera to shoot crisp videos and images. You will not believe that it captures high definition and clear pictures even during complicated flying sessions. It tracks and follows the subject precisely to pull clear images and transmit it over to the end user.


DJI go is a user-friendly application that helps to control everything related to a drone. It helps in flight, creating/sharing images, and videos. It also helps in establishing connections with other devices. This app is compatible with all the models from DJI including the latest Mavic pro. The users have also given the option of open software and hardware development of the phantom4.

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Customized For Beginners

If you do not have hands on experience flying a drone then practice is the only way to get things on track. For this, you will have to fly it low and close to have a better understanding. Beginner mode helps new pilots to learn things slowly and within limits. In this mode, you can adjust the maximum height and distance which the drone can fly. This will help you to learn flying and keep the drone in safe condition. Once you get a grip over the phantom 4 you can start your crazy ride and have endless fun. In addition, you get a customizable remote controller. You can adjust the control stick sensitivity and functionality of the control buttons to your flying style. This makes it easy to navigate the drone.

Phantom 4 is a stable version than its previous models with latest technologies and features. It is in essence the pack leader of its category due to its extreme finish and structured chassis. It flies swiftly in complex winds and takes high quality pictures. DJI has created a benchmark in the industry and they offer quality customer services to its buyers.

Bottom line

Phantom 4 is easy to fly and navigates using obstacle avoidance system. Not to mention it has phenomenal operating range with 720 p live feeds. Multiple modes, high speed, smooth shooting with 12-megapixel camera. Great editing tools and a perfect pick for fun lovers. Fly high with phantom 4 to conquer the skies and to know the world beyond.

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