Are drones taking up new Shapes? Concept drones and Drones for Business Explored

Are drones taking up new Shapes? Concept drones and Drones for Business Explored

the past few years has seen a lot of drones. Most of them sport the same design, just improvised. A couple of arms with a motor powered propeller. There is nothing bad about it, but then there are new designs which are coming up from time to time and the tests are evolving to produce the most power efficient design, which can give you a longer flying time and also a design which is different from the traditional quadcoptor designs.

We explore some of the latest designs in the Drone world and we were amazed at what we had found. While some of the desings for businesses were surely not available for display (yet), there were some which really turned heads!

Tesla Concept Drones

Tesla is a french company and the designs are  cool and the colors simple. I dont know why i love french but then i do!

DJI Inspire 1 - Professional Aerials for Everyone

I know the design looks more like a hybrid of a coptor and an aeroplane but then the entire thing is simplistic. There is no extra bells and whistles and it does exactly what its supposed to be. A camera that Flies. though i love french i dont know horse crap about the language and after trying to figure out what it all meant i gave up.! But if you are interested in the Tesla concept drone you sould check out the helicomicro site 

Drones by Cyphy Works

Cyphy is specialized in Commercial drones and they have some edge over the other drones. They are currently working on a drone which does not come with a Gimbal (i know you are like SHIT!!!) but then the entire image capture is still smooth. There is electronic level image capturing to remove all forms of jittery and shaky images making the Cyphy drones to be lighter, effective and efficient for movie capture. Drones by Cyphy are also going to be able to deliver objects and goods (oh amazon is already doing it! but wait. NOT YET). They are fine tunint the technology and its expected to be available in the market by the end of 2015 . Unfortunately , though the product may be on the market, it will not be allowed to fly without convincing the FAA that its technically safe and stable. You may be interested in the news on Helen Greiner , the founder of Cyphy Works. The Pocketflyer by Cyphy currently can fly up to 2 hours in one recharge!


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