Red Raven Digital Camera For Drones Becomes affordable at $5950

Remember the Age of Ultron? The camera’s which were used to shoot some of the scenes were none other than those manufactured by Red Digital, A company that creates one of its kind, excellent digital cameras for shooting movies. While the camera’s used for the movie costs around $30,000, You still have the technology used by them for a fraction of that cost. If you are a serious aerial photographer,the Red Raven is probably going to be one of the next best thing you can get.

Features of the Red Raven Digital camera

  • The red Raven Digital camera comes with the standard and most promising feature of the higher end cameras by the company, the Red Dragon Image Sensor.
  • The camera is light weight and capable of shooting 4K videos at 120 Frames per second and 2K at 240 FPS. The proRes is capable of capturing videos at 2048X1080
  • Weights 3.5 Pounds with the Brain and A camera mount and media bay.
  • Shots up to 64 minutes on 4K 24FPS and 16 Minutes on 4K 120FPS
  • Builtin Wireless Ethernet with Expander module

For most people the Red Raven may still be out of bounds monetarily. For the price of a decent car, the camera may seem to be an overkill.

Currently you can backorder the Red Raven from their site on

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