Its nothing new that drones are taking human jobs and the latest in news is the Bridge inspection job in Duluth. Inspecting a bridge, high above water could be a task which requires more than technical knowledge about the bridge itself. You need to be cautious about weather conditions, safety normsRead More →

GoPro has been in the market creating adventure sport cameras. The first few cameras were used by surfers, bikers and skaters and was an instant hit. The stocks rose and so did the technology. But the past year did not seem to be so good for the GoPro. GoPro’s entering intoRead More →

(Who screwed responsible drone pilots lives for good and for a long time too) Remember thinking that you would shoot the Yellow stone when you got your new Drone? Well, that did not happen did it? Do you remember the personal drone which landed on the white house lawn creatingRead More →

Drones is a very general term for any air borne vehicle which is not manned. Technically the term should be UA or an unmanned aircraft. Initially built during the world war 2 the drones were used to bomb a location remotely from another air craft which was manned. During theRead More →

Aibotix Aibot X6 is an UAV- unmanned aerial vehicle that is specifically designed for high hand jobs like industry inspection, survey and other hard commercial purposes. Aibot X6 is a hexacopter with 6 blades working simultaneously to propel the device through its journey. The device is made to take highRead More →