Walkera Rodeo 150 Racing Drone Reviews

Walkera Rodeo 150 5.8G 40CH Night Vision Camera 3D Aerobatic FPV Racer

The Rodeo 150 comes in a modern engineering and modular design to enhance product performance and gives easy maintenance and upgrades. Its advanced 5.8G live video offers a memorable visual FPV experience.

Walkera is a Chinese manufacturer of various latest quadcopters, goggles and related products. The Rodeo 150 has just sometimes back joined the large array of quadcopters available on the market today. But Walkera Rodeo 150 Racing Drone is different because of its unique design and great performance. Moreover, it is a hobby grade drone that comes in a ready to fly package, easy to configure, performs awesome and fits most people budgets. This article is all about reviewing the Walkera Rodeo 150 Racing Drone.

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Walkera Rodeo 150 Racing Drone

Rodeo 150 is a small drone with a big surprise. It is a small, stylish racing drone with impressive design. Additionally, its high speed and maneuverability are even more exceptional. Beneath its beautiful canopy is a modular design 150 class FPV racer, equipped with F3 generation flight controller. Its F3 generation flight controller uses CleanFlight software which is tuned and tested by Walkera factory.

It features 600TVL FPV mini camera with a 110 degree field of view for ultimate forward visibility. The 5.8 GHz video transmitter with 40 available video channels ensures low video delay and ultimate reliability. The brushless motor and 95mm diameter propeller deliver high speed and good handling experience. Lastly, the front LED makes it easy for you to see where the drone is going while red side located LEDs let other racers know to stay out of your way.

Walkera Rodeo 150 Racing Drone – Features

  • Body – Rodeo 150 hard plastic canopy and motor guards are good news for beginners. There is not much FPV racer on the market with hard plastic canopy body. Moreover, its plastic material offers extra protection.
  • Design – If you once have Rodeo 150 you hardly would leave it. Its fuselage design strictly follows symmetrical aesthetic concept and meticulous craftsmanship in every detail which is extremely exquisite. In addition, the compact fuselage design of Rodeo 150 not only is visually appealing but also surprises you to touch. The specific redesign of the fuselage radian make it fit with the plastic material perfectly and makes a surprisingly slim body.
  • Enclosed Modular design – The main highlight of Rodeo 150 is not only its slim fuselage but also the enclosed modular design. This design ensures circuit stability of main frame and other modules. Its internal electronic parts are thoroughly redesign with better configuration, so as to protect each sophisticated components and prevent signal interference and crash impact.
  • Camera – Its easy racing camera is excellent in recording the best moments of your life. This mini camera is the Rodeo 150 eye which captures every detail. It comes with 110 degree view and 600 TVL. Plus, this FPV camera orientation is adjustable with a wide range between -10 degrees (targeting the ground a bit) to +45 degrees (for aggressive FPV flights).
  • Flight controller – With the most mainstream Rodeo 150 racing drone Flight controller F3 features the players can adjust flight control parameters as and when required. Inside the drone is F3 Flight controller Preloaded with CleanFlight software which is tested and tuned by Walkera factory.

Other Features

  • Image transmission – The professional wireless HD 5.8G image transmission with 40 channels race bind provides the best performance for Rodeo 150. This gives image transmission with zero delay and high definition completely to meet the demand of racing drones.
  • Anywhere racing drone – The Rodeo 150 is useful drone for both indoor as well as outdoor racing.
  • Right out of the box fly – This compact FPV racer comes Right out of the box fly package. Just charge the battery and Enjoy FPV fly right away.
  • Colors – The Rodeo 150 is available in two colors – pearl white or black
  • LED Lights – The Avery bright LEDs lights are install vertically on the lower part of the front. This light is very much visible even in strong daylights, making it ideal to keep your flight orientation even in LOS conditions.
  • DEVO 7 Transmitter – The Rodeo 150 comes with the 2.4GHz New Generation Radio System i.e. the Walkera DEVO 7 Transmitter. It offers longer transmission distance, less interference, more stable radio transmission and less legal issue. For other traditional radio frequency, helicopters in same frequency cannot fly together because of interference. But with 2.4GHz radio system, many helicopters can fly at the same time without disturbances.

Walkera Rodeo 150 Racing Drone – Features at a Glance

The Rodeo 150 size quadcopter for FPV racing features are –

Walkera Parts Warehouse
  • Hard plastic canopy and motor guards for extra protection
  • 110° 600TVL high quality FPV camera
  • Adjustable Camera Tilt Angle
  • F3 Flight Controller (preloaded w/ CleanFlight)
  • Dedicated FPV Antenna and LED light
  • Fully Assembled from factory, open the box, charge the battery and fly
  • Modular design for easy maintenance
  • Powerful brushless motor and 95mm dia. Propeller
  • Dedicated battery compartments for the 7.4V 850mah Li-Po battery.
  • It also includes 5.8Ghz Monitor+2 Sets Blades+2 Extra Batteries

Walkera Rodeo 150 Racing Drone – Specifications

  • Main Rotor Diameter: 96mm
  • All-up-weight: 220g (Battery included)
  • Dimension: 137 x 148 x 77mm
  • Weight: 5.6 oz (159g)
  • Remote Controller: Walkera DEVO 7
  • Receiver: DEVO-RX716
  • Main Controller: FCS-Rodeo 150 (F3)
  • FPV Transmitter: TX5832(FCC)
  • Brushless Motor: WK-WS-17-002 (CW/CCW)
  • Brushless ESC: Rodeo 150
  • Battery: 7.4V 850mAh 30C 2S Li-PO
  • Flight Time: 7~8mins
  • Working temperature: -10℃~ +40℃
  • Camera: 600TVL 110°

Walkera Rodeo 150 Racing Drone – DEVO 7 Specifications

  • Encoder: ARM micro computer system
  • Frequency: 2.4Ghz(DSSS)
  • Output power: -5dBm~20dBm
  • Battery: 1.2VX8 NiCard or1.5VX8 AA dry batteries
  • Current Drain: ≤170mA

Walkera Rodeo 150 Racing Drone – Package includes

  • 1X Walkera Rodeo 150 racing drone
  • 1X 5.8Ghz monitor
  • Extra: 2X Blades and 2X 7.4v 850 mah lithium batteries
  • 1X DEVO-7 radio system
  • 1X Manual (English)
  • Lithium battery 1X 7.4V 850 mah
  • 1X CD
  • 1X battery Charger

Walkera Rodeo 150 Racing Drone – Pros and Cons


  • It is superbly stable and well tuned machine offering excellent flight performance
  • It has sporty feature even with 2S power
  • The add on benefit is SPracingF3 Flight Controller
  • It features a fixed failsafe behavior
  • It also includes adjustable FPV camera with -10 to +45 degrees view
  • This racing drone comes in a beautiful visually appealing fresh Design
  • It gives good FPV image quality
  • Its buzzer/ voltage alarm is added plus
  • It also has Good control range (~300m)
  • Overall a great value for money product


  • There is no Power switch, no HD camera platform and no OSD.
  • The top antenna locations are at potentially breakable spot
  • The Full plastic body makes it less sturdy
  • It is not compatible with 4″ props
  • Flight time comparatively short approx 7~8mins
  • It comes with heavy Devo 7 radio system
  • The quality of the included balance charger is not up to the mark.

Walkera Rodeo 150 Racing Drone – Customer Reviews

People say the Walkera Rodeo 150 Racing Drone is nice fast and agile. This ready to fly out of the box product is just amazing. Though few people say this Quick Little Racer is not for the beginners as it flies at super fast speed.

Banggod says just after receiving the Rodeo 150 and charging the batteries, everything was ready to fly right out of the box.

Old_Trekee bought his first FPV racer and really likes it. He says it is neat looking and super fast for the compact size. It seems pretty sturdy as even after 2 small mishaps there is no damage. Moreover, as compared to his other copters the Rodeo is super fast.

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Huistphn says even on 2s it runs at surprising speed. However, the body is plastic so any big crash may definitely require body replacement. But overall it is great fun to fly.

ThinkingThinking says it is very fast and the lift is as fast as a rocket. Though he complains about very short – only 7 minutes Flight time.

Walkera Rodeo 150 Racing Drone – Conclusion

The compact FPV racer Walkera Rodeo 150 is pretty good where everything is working superbly out of the box. It is fast, nimble while all default settings perfectly tunes. However the plastic body, absence of an OSD and short flight time are some things to regret. To conclude, this machine is adapted for an intermediate beginner user. Optional – add your own goggles or monitor and see how wonderfully this racer takes you.

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