Walkera Runner 250 (R) GPS Racer Reviews

Walkera Runner 250 Advance with DEVO 7 Racing GPS FPV RC Quadcopter

The Walkera Runner 250R comes equip with GPS System. This little machine is a good starter for FPV Racing as it works like a Co-Pilot on board.

Nowadays drone racing is getting popular amongst hobbyist as well as professional racers. And market is flooded with number of branded drones, making it actually difficult for beginners to decide. If you are a novice then you are reading the right space. This article reviews the Walkera Runner 250 (R) GPS Racer. To begin the Runner 250 (R) is an outstanding racer for beginners with various features, specifications and more. Read on to know everything about the product.

Walkera Runner 250 (R) GPS Racer – Product Description

The Walkera Runner 250R comes equip with GPS System. This little machine is a good starter for FPV Racing as it works like a Co-Pilot on board. Make it One-key go home or auto hovering, everything is easy and no stress operation. It comes with built-in FPV Camera and Transmitter which beams back real-time video. The OSD (On Screen Display) module will overlay Flight Data on the video, just like a jet fighter. Moreover, it gives you some important info about battery voltage and tilt angle. Use it with a FPV monitor or put on a Goggle for the vision. Its modular design makes it easy to repair and carbon fiber main frame adds durability.

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As mentioned earlier, if you are beginner to the FPV racing game, then Runner 250R is a great choice to start with. Additionally, it is Fully Assembled from factory and comes with DEVO 7 2.4 GHz transmitter to give you 1km of control range. The Runner 250 GPS Racer comes with a Backpack, 2 Sets of Blades and 2 Extra Batteries for just under USD $550.

Walkera Runner 250 (R) GPS Racer – Features

The Walkera Runner 250 (R) GPS Racer provides unprecedented visual feast and exciting racing experience. This beautiful and exciting racer flies fast and includes some amazing features such as –

  • High speed and easy to control – Its well integrated flight controller and power system makes it easy to fly and pretty fast, racing speed up to at about 35-40km/hr.
  • Remote Control distance is 1KM – Its remote controller uses advanced wireless transmission technology, which makes the runner 250 (R) signal stable and delivers an extra-long remote control distance.
  • 5.8G real time image transmission – If you fly the runner 250 R with goggle 2 FPV at high speed, you can obtain real time OSD which displays – battery level, flying attitude, direction and altitude.
  • GPS mode – This feature works like a co-pilot with one key to base, GPS position & hovering, to make racing easier. The latest GPS flight control system makes the flight more accurate and safer.
  • HD camera – This 1080p HD camera gives high quality frame effect, real time image transmission and recording. It produces an extremely detailed image, even in cloudy or other weak light conditions. It comes with 12-megapixel, 1080P, 60FPS and SD card storage. This recording camera gives you clear FPV video feeds and records both simultaneously while also allowing you to adjust the tilt angle easily.
  • Modular design – Its ingenious design layout makes module access and maintenance fast and easy. In addition, this modular layout, protected by a strong carbon fiber structure extends the product durability.
  • Carbon fiber and modular structure – The modular components are easy and fast to repair and replace. Carbon fiber plates at main frame are light weight and ensure durability.
  • Buzzer design – If the flight signal is lost or drops suddenly, the buzzer will sound automatically. This will help user to find quadcopter easily.
  • Intelligent direction warning lamp design – When the racing drone turns left or right during flight, the left or right lamp flashes accordingly and helps avoid collisions.
  • DEVO 7 Transmitter – This racing drone comes with the 2.4GHz New Generation Radio System. It’s fully functional, highly cost effective, a four-axis design and is smooth to control. DEVO 7 2.4GHz Transmitter is the standard new generation radio system which offers longer transmission distance, less interference, more stable radio transmission and less legal issue.
  • Portable backpack package – It comes with beautiful bag with soft foam liner. Keep everything in it and just grab and go. Moreover the backpack exquisite design accommodates all your racing equipment and its shockproof feature protects it during transport.
  • Ready-to-Fly – It is a well developed and integrated All-in-one FPV racer which is 100% Pre-Assembled, Ready-to-Fly Package with GPS 2 Backpack. It includes Runner 250 (R), DEVO 7, 1080P, battery and charger. Just charge the battery and fly right the way.

Walkera Runner 250 (R) GPS Racer – Features at glance

  • Comes equipped with GPS System
  • 1080p HD Recording Camera (Micro SD) with adjustable tilt angle
  • 250 Size Racing quadcopter
  • Came with Walkera Backpack with soft foam liner
  • Built-in 5.8Ghz FPV Video Transmitter
  • Built-in OSD Module (On Screen Display) to show you real-time flight data
  • Fully Assembled from factory, open the box, charge the battery and fly
  • Modular design for easy maintenance
  • Tough plastic on the Propellers which last longer
  • Carbon Fiber Main Frame
  • Compact Structure, very rigid
  • Front and Rear LED lights
  • 11-12 minutes flight time

Walkera Runner 250 (R) GPS Racer – Specifications

  • Main Rotor Diameter: 143mm
  • All-up-weight: 446g (w/o battery)
  • Dimension: 236mm x 205mm x 102mm
  • Remote Controller: Walkera DEVO 7
  • Receiver: DEVO-RX710 (R)
  • Main Controller: FCS-RUNNER 250 (R)
  • PV Transmitter: TX5816 (FCC)
  • Brushless Motor: WK-WS-28-014(CW/CCW)
  • Brushless ESC: RUNNER 250
  • OSD: Runner 250 OSD (R)
  • Battery: 11.1V 2200mAh 25C 3S LiPo
  • Flight Time: 11~12mins
  • Working temperature: -10℃~ +40℃
  • Camera: 1920 X 1080p 60fps, Max 64GB SD Card, .mov format,
  • Motor: Walkera 2814-2500Kv motor with 5.5” self-tightening propeller

DEVO 7 Transmitter Specifications

  • Encoder: ARM micro computer system
  • Frequency: 2.4Ghz(DSSS)
  • Output power:– 5dBm~20dBm
  • Battery: 1.2VX8 NiCard or1.5VX8 AA dry batteries
  • Current Drain: ≤170mA

Walkera Runner 250 (R) GPS Racer – Package Includes

  • 1X Walkera Runner 250 GPS racing drone
  • 1X Walkera DEVO-7 transmitter
  • 3X 11.1v 2200 Mah lithium battery
  • 1X 1080P fixed camera
  • 1X OSD module
  • (GPS and GLONASS) 1X dual-navigation system module
  • 4X Black blades
  • 1X Battery Charger
  • (English) 1X Manual
  • 1X Walkera Runner 250 Backpack w/ soft foam liner

Walkera Runner 250 (R) GPS Racer – Customer Reviews

The Walkera Runner 250 (R) GPS Racer has received neutral rating from its users. It has received 2.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Some people say it is great start for first time FPV racers while some complain that beginners may find it difficult to fly. Few people even commented that it is not up to the mark and is total waste of money.

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Tobbe says it is a nice start for FPV/drone racing. It gets you started and handles smoothly. It’s easy to get flying right out of the box. But says its instruction manuals won’t provide additional details about modes or basic set ups. He adds the drone flight is stable and the GPS works quite well.

An Amazon Customer bought for his son and says this quad is really for a person who knows how to fly and cannot be dependent on GPS. He adds the quad is a very durable and stable.

Eyetoonz says this product is a total rip off. It is very unstable and bounces all over. It always flies in a drastic forward pitch and is uncontrollable. In mid flight it loses signal, may take off on you, or just fall out of the sky.

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David says he has problems trying to calibrate the drone to GPS and is not working properly. It went up during calibration and hit the house telephone wire and fell 15 ft into the grass. Though there were no broken parts but its beep feature didn’t work more than twice.

Walkera Runner 250 (R) GPS Racer – Conclusion

The Walkera Runner 250R GPS is a great starter. The power system and durable frame design is a fast flyer, and GPS system helps you to control it. It’s not at all bad for beginners but operate carefully as per instructions to avoid breakage.

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