Aibotix Aibot X6 Hexacopter

Aibotix Aibot X6 is an UAV- unmanned aerial vehicle that is specifically designed for high hand jobs like industry inspection, survey and other hard commercial purposes. Aibot X6 is a hexacopter with 6 blades working simultaneously to propel the device through its journey. The device is made to take high resolution pictures with geo-references to their location taken. The high technology hexacopter drone works using fully programmed software and processed with point clouds, 3D models, and orthopods for greater accuracy.

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Features of Aibotix Aibot X6

  • Aibotix Aibot X6 has 6 propellers working together to raise the copter into the air and at the desired elevations to take photographs and videos. Because of these 6 propellers, it is called a hexacopter. All the propellers are shielded to avoid injuries and damage.
  • Aibotix Aibot X6 works fully automatic with pre-programmed software, for easy take off and landing.
  • The greatest feature of Aibotix Aibot X6 is that the working can be customized according to the needs. The directions, the stopping points, and where the pictures are to be taken can all be pre-determined and set before the device takes off.
  • Aibotix Aibot X6 can be geo-fenced to keep it within the range and to avoid disturbances or mishaps. The flexibility to set the minimal flight altitude will help for the safety of the Aibotix Aibot X6 device.
  • Aibotix Aibot X6 can work with the GPS to keep track on where it is going and will not wander off. This feature is highly helpful when working it in auto-mode.
  • The Aibotix Aibot X6 can hover on any point to allow time to take photographs and for thorough inspection.
  • It can work even under windy conditions.
  • The most important feature of Aibotix Aibot X6 is that it has automatic return function. When the coming home feature is activated, the device will return to its starting point on its own.

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Specifications of Aibotix Aibot X6

  • The Aibotix Aibot X6 is used for mapping, survey, inspection, and aerial imaging for both commercial and professional purposes.
  • The Aibotix Aibot X6 works with the power coming from the lithium polymer battery with the power of 10,000 mAh.
  • The maximum speed limit for Aibotix Aibot X6 is 50 km/hour and can stay in the air for a maximum of 30 minutes at a time. This duration may reduce according to the weather conditions and the battery usage.
  • The maximum height limit for the device is 1000 meters above the ground.
  • The dimensions of the Aibotix Aibot X6 hexacopter are 105 cms wide and 45 cms in height.
  • The Aibotix Aibot X6 weighs 3 kgs and can carry a weight of maximum 2 kgs. The camera is not included in the package. So when you fit in a camera make sure that it is within this weight limit. The weight of the lithium battery itself is 1.2 kg.
  • The favorable environmental conditions are minimum temperature up to -20°C and a maximum of 40°C. The wind conditions should not be more than 10m/sec.
  • Any type of camera may be fitted in the Aibotix Aibot X6 as long as it does not weigh more than 2 kg. The same applies for any sensors attaching to it.
  • The fully automatic Aibotix Aibot X6 works with the help of different software. For flight planning AiProFlight 2.5 is used. The photogrammetric and point cloud processing software is Agisoft Photoscan Professional.
  • The Aibotix Aibot X6 can have a vertical takeoff and can land automatically. There is also the autonomous emergency landing facility for Aibotix Aibot X6.
  • The Aibotix Aibot X6 navigation is done by the GPS receiver-smart sensor fusion that includes the gyroscope, barometer, accelerometer, magnetometers, and the ultrasonic sensors.
  • A digital SLR camera, thermal imager or a hyperspectral imager can be installed onboard of the Aibotix Aibot X6 for taking photographs.
  • The Aibotix Aibot X6 can be controlled by the remote control provides, through a PC/tablet or it can work automatically.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Aibotix Aibot X6


  • The Aibotix Aibot X6 is light weight and has collision protection provided.
  • It has high flight stability under unfavorable conditions and can take steady pictures as well. The GPS position helps take the accurate pictures of the points of interest.
  • Aibotix Aibot X6 can work in three different modes or manual working with a helper, semi-automatic with a navigator and fully automatic flight mode with auto start and landing options.
  • Aibotix Aibot X6 is easy to operate and has both horizontal and vertical movements.
  • Though the camera is an external feature, the device can hold it in place during the flight. It can also adapt the camera to suit the needs.
  • Both vertical and horizontal pictures can be taken with this Aibotix Aibot X6.
  • The camera mount is provided steadiness with the auto pitches and roll compensation.


The biggest disadvantage is its price that starts at a 5 digit number. Moreover, at the price it comes, there is no camera included in the package. There are many who strongly feel that there should be a camera fitted with the device. Not many can afford Aibotix Aibot X6 at this price and can be bought only by selected groups for their specific tasks that cannot be done by manual labor. Other than this there are no cons for this Aibotix Aibot X6 hexacopter.[/restab]
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Aibotix Aibot X6 reviews

Michael of the Engineering Office, Dr. Michael Geomatics in Germany is more than happy with the Aibotix Aibot X6 for its stability and the camera or sensor mounting options it gives. He says that this device has fulfilled almost all kinds of hard-to-do works faster and for leaving time to do other engineering office tasks.

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St Flick has the opinion that the Aibotix Aibot X6 works well for those not so experienced pilots. Many of the engineering filed workmen are not able to fly a flight but with some practice, they all can handle Aibotix Aibot X6 easily and efficiently. This is the reason why St.Flick has been using Aibotix Aibot X6 for mapping and for 3D models with greater accuracy.

According to Matera, Aibotix Aibot X6 is the only copter that can be used under critical conditions by the professionals. It is safe to use and the guidance provided are simple for all to understand.

EsCaBa states in simple words about Aibotix Aibot X6 that, it is the easiest solution for complicated situations.

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Cedric Pieterse says that each and every time, Aibotix Aibot X6 clearly does what it is supposed to do and there is no other device such as this that can come even close to its working.[/restab]
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aibotix Aibot X6 used for?

Aibotix Aibot X6 can be used for the surveys and studies regarding a disaster or danger assessment. It has uses in the military surveillance, aerial land surveying of dams, rivers, mines etc. It can provide the geographic information on selected locations of altitude and longitude. It is also useful for the various industry studies and also for high profile sports events.

How does Aibotix Aibot X6 save time and money?

For the filed surveillance it takes any number of crew members and the availability of a helicopter or a small aircraft. With the Aibotix Aibot X6 there is no need of either the aircraft or any crew. The device can work automatically and does as it is programmed or controlled. It provides accurate information and photographs within no time that saves you time and the expenses in getting the members, vehicle, and the fuel.


How do I get training on the working of Aibotix Aibot X6?

There are training programs for Aibotix Aibot X6 which will be conducted at some specific time and date. The intended people should register themselves for the same before the seats are filled. The training sessions will be conducted every month and the duration will be 5 working days. The starting day will be the first Monday of each month. There is also a video flight school. The training will be in English.

Where all are the Aibotix Aibot X6 available?

The Aibotix Aibot X6 is available in various countries across the globe. It is available in South Africa, Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Australia, Costa Rica, Europe, Canada, USA, Venezuela, Columbia, Chile, Brazil, and Argentina.[/restab]
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