Dji Phantom 1 Reviews

Phantom 4 PRO

Phantom 1 is no longer available and the manufacturers have recommended Phantom 4 for better experience.

Dji Phantom 1 is one of the best choice in the Phantom series. It features a highly integrated design with a GoPro camera mount. Keep on reading to know more about Dji Phantom 1…

Dji Phantom 1

This is a ready to fly personal drone. It has a remote control unit and two flight control modes (including a mode for position hold). The camera rig is sturdy that it can hold the GoPro firmly. One can mount the camera straight down or in the forward facing position. It comes with high intensity LED lights for low light flying. Moreover, the position holding feature is worth for people who wish to use this drone for aerial photography or videography.

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Specifications of Dji Phantom 1

  • There is a Go Pro camera mount.
  • GPS positioning.
  • Comes with a Pre-tuned remote transmitter.
  • Easy to get started and offers very stable take offs and landings.
  • Equally, there is an excellent return home function.
  • Gives agile performance.
  • Features Intelligent Orientation Control.


Size & Color

The drone is above average in size. It weighs around 840 grams or 1.9 pounds. Dji Phantom 1 is available in white color only.

Built-in battery

The drone uses an above average sized battery (2,200 mAh battery) to power its flight.

  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
  • Battery Charger Voltage: 240 V


It is easy to assemble. The drone is durable and is capable of surviving a crash.

Walkera Parts Warehouse


The drone combines the features of a remote control with the visual appeal and the Smartphone. Similarly, the connected mobile devices are used for a first person viewing angle (from your airborne drone).

Control Details

  • Mobile Device Holder: Smartphone
  • Controller Battery: AA Batteries
  • Transmitter Power: 20 dBm
  • Controller Voltage: 6 V
  • Controller Amperage: 0.052 A


This Phantom does not come with a built-in camera. Thus, you can mount other lightweight cameras to the drone’s main body via a compatible stabilization gimbal. Above all, this stabilization gimbal supports 2 axes of rotation. It makes the camera remain steady and focused when the drone rolls.

Ronin-M Lightweight Camera Stabilizer

Intelligent Orientation Control

Using the downloadable Naza-M autopilot you can change the drone from flying relative to its front and back to flying relative to a home point.


This drone can fly upto 200 meters above sea level. It can fly in ambient temperatures (ranging from -10°to 50°C).

  • The maximum flight speed is 10m/s.
  • The maximum tilt angle is 45 degrees.
  • Operating frequency is 2.4 Ghz ISM.
  • Maximum ascent is 6 m/s. While the maximum descent is 6 m/s.
  • The overall communication distance is upto 800m.


This Phantom 1 drone comes with a one year warranty period (offered by the manufacturer).


How To Use This Dji Phantom 1?

  • First, charge the included main flight battery. Equally add your own AA batteries to the transmitter.
  • Then in the next step, attach the propellers, GoPro mount and the landing gear using the screws.
  • Now, turn on the transmitter then calibrate the compass. Similarly install the Phantom’s battery and activate it.

Dji Phantom 1 Reviews

Dji Phantom 1 has received 4.0 out of 5 stars from its users. It’s easy to fly for the beginners. Stuffed with coolest features like the GPS-powered return home mode. Most of the users are satisfied with the product. Thus, there are very few or no negative reviews for this drone. Here are some of customer’s reviews for your reference. Just have a look at them in order to make a correct choice…

“This is good starter drone. It is worth for every penny…”

“I would like to give 5 stars. My drone is working in good condition without any problems. Love it!”

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“Perfect drone for learning in the advanced platform.”

“According to me, just go for this Dji Phantom 1 drone.”

Dji Phantom 1 For Sale Online

The drone is available for sale online. You can buy them at a much cheaper rate from the relevant sites. Equally, do check the testimonials on various websites before making a purchase.

Where To Buy?

Dji Phantom 1 is available at both and Here you can avail certain discount offers and promo codes for this drone. Besides, amazon are offering $50.00 gift card on every purchase made from their site. Also, users can login with their email id’s for getting all the latest updates. Grab this chance!

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to fly this Phantom 1 with any wifi enabled equipment?

No, it is impossible to fly. Since, the wifi signal may interfere with the signal of the transmitter.

Hi, why does the LED blinks yellow and red alternatively?

There might be a ferromagnetic substance near to the Phantom. In such case lift the aircraft (1m) up from the ground.

What if the flying time shortens?

This might be due to the following reasons:

Either the battery is not in good condition, or it is not fully charged.

Can I have a Go Pro 2 with this Phantom 1?

Yes, any camera that is light weight can be rigged to the mount on this Phantom.

Is it possible to use Gopro wifi with this drone?

Yes, you can use Gopro wifi.

Why i am unable to connect the drone to the assistant software?

Maybe the driver is not installed properly. In such cases, try reinstalling the driver.

What should I do if the LED indicator is not working correctly.

In this case, replace it with a new LED module.


In conclusion, Dji Phantom 1 comes with simple flying modes like GPS. This is the right choice both for the GoPro Hero and the entry level users. So, what are you waiting for? Buy them at the earliest…

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