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GoPro Karma with HERO5 Black

The Gopro Drone, Manufactured by Gopro is still under speculation. The company is still in the process of developing its own drone fitted with its own series of camera. Expected to be on sale Mid 2016.
Update :

The prototype of the Gopro Drone is now out (not for sale though). Expected launch date : Mid 2016

DJI Inspire 1 - Professional Aerials for Everyone

Before you go any further its important to understand that the Gopro is dedicated to creating excellent cameras and not yet into the drone industry and the companies like DJI and 3DR create excellent drones but their cameras (if they manufacture any) are not to the quality of delivering what the Gopro can, at least not at the moment.


Adventure Sport, may it be biking terrains, jumping off a cliff or riding a bike in unknown terrains is something we all want to live again and again. Photography or a video of this usually required people not just on the ground but also in the air. Till now, very few companies (not people) could afford the luxury of aerial photography, with choppers rides costing a fortune. The camera’s for aerial photography too was very expensive. With new technology, everything has changed. The evolution of aerial photography is happening as we speak. Welcome to Gopro, the camera made for adventure sports. Teamed up with a drone you are ready for the best Nat Geo kind footage in a few minutes.

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Here we discuss some of the Best gopro drones. These drones are capable of carrying your goPro camera to the heights required to take the action. While most camera’s on the air will have a few hiccups with regard to the quality, shake etc, the Gopro is one of the few to come up with accessories to reduce and make aerial photography with drones possible for the best prices. The Gimbal reduces the shake, the filters controls the lights. The RC is capable of controlling most features of the camera while on flight. Better yet, you can even manage to get a live feed on your iphone or Android seeing exactly what your flying camera is seeing.

Drones Compatible with the GoPro Camera

The first few drones with cameras sported the Gopro. The Gopro cameras were built for action and adventure sports and it made a perfect choice for use on drones. This was not amazing. What evolved later was a series of other accessories to go with the drone including the gimbal and the filters. The first few drone companies to make their drone capable of fitting a gopro cameras include 3D robotics and the DJI. Below are 3 of the best known drones which can carry a GoPro camera with little to no extra accessories.

DJI Phantom 2 the Best Gopro Drone

The latest phantom, the phantom 3 comes with their own cameras but till the DJI phantom 3 we had a drone which were capable of carrying a Gopro Camera. The Phantom 2 was capable of Carrying a Gopro camera to acquire some of the best clippings of your sport in action without any shivers or shakes. No matter what the sun conditions are, the camera performed extremely well. With the ruggedness of the Gopro series, these cameras could withstand minor falls and would stand unaffected, unlike many of the cameras which usually broke or at least suffered a lens displacement, rendering it unusable without major repair.

Ronin-M Lightweight Camera Stabilizer

The DJI Phantom 3 comes with a zenmuse h3 3D 3 Axis gimbal which is a perfect slot for a Gopro video camera. At a Flight time of 20-30 minutes (variation depends on the camera, Wind conditions and other factors) you will have a great video capturing experience. The Phantom 2 is A RTF (ready to Fly) drone which requires little to no assembly. In Most cases, its scrweign the props, Charging the batteries, Updating the firmware and you are ready to go.

The Phantom 2 itself has a range of features which include the Return to home function and and integrated GPS system. With a 300 Meter range, you would have a great shot in most cases and with the right Gopro camera, you would be able to take excellent videos.

The DJI Phantom is designed for a Gopro


The video shows how efficient the Phantom 2 is with a gopro camera, unlike the parrot Bebop which has certain limitations but yes, its passable for the price tag. But if you want a professional quality video, you would find the phantom with the Gopro a sure shot hit!

3DR Solo Gopro Drones

Phantom 3 Standard - 2.7K HD Camera - Live View as You Fly

With Aerial Photography, things got better with Solo by 3D robotics. As you will notice, the Solo is really gelled up with the Gopro and what started off as a relationship to build a gimbal ended up with Gopro being used on the Solo. What more? the Solo and the Gopro are so well integrated into each other that you can control the camera from the RC / iphone/android right from the ground. The Gopro integration is so thorough and the company is very confident about the product itself. The Solo is ready with almost all integration of Gopro cameras for aerial photography. The solo is slightly more expensive than the normal toy drones but its not to be mistaken for one. The power of the Solo can be seen with the excellent stability and the flight time it gives. The sleek body and the structure is one step aside but the guarantees are even better. 3DRobotics will replace all , and i mean everything ALL, including the camera, gimbal and the drone if the fault is on the product. You can feel safe while flying a solo and be rest assured that if you don’t mess up the product with your own stunts or mistake, you have the company to back you up through out.
3DR Iris+

Gopro Drones Compared

Evidently we can see that the DJI phantom excels the Solo in many ways. 3Dr is in the process of making a lot of corrections over time but it needs to catch up with dJI which is way ahead in the Drone market and has its own camera now. With a Gopro or without, the DJI has certain head start which 3DR should catch up to before creating any further innovations for people to get the basics in place and fly the drone efficiently while taking snaps.

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