Is GoPro Crashing in on Drones!

GoPro has been in the market creating adventure sport cameras. The first few cameras were used by surfers, bikers and skaters and was an instant hit. The stocks rose and so did the technology. But the past year did not seem to be so good for the GoPro. GoPro’s entering into the drone Camera sector was a good boost for the market but surely, it seems like thats not enough, YET!

GoPro’s plans to diverse from just camera’s to drones seem to be a surprise for some but a happy news to those whohad invested in the company. New technology and a new product which is completely new from what they had done before opens up a lots of possibilites for GoPro.

Nick Woodman, CEO of GoPro has hinted on his interest. The possibilities of purchasing a drone manufacturer in the near future seems to be high with people buying stocks of GoPro and even the wallstreet encouraging people to invest on GoPro

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Read more on GoPro in CNN HERE


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