Walkera Goggle 4 Virtual Reality Glasses For Racing Drones

Walkera F210 Racing Drone with Goggle 4

The VR glasses such as Walkera Goggle 4 are nothing but some head gears where you put them on like glasses and see the games and movies just like they are happening right in front of the eyes.

VR glasses and the term virtual reality might sound some new gadgets and terms. But in fact they have been here for a long time. Only, it was not as popular as it is now. The year 2016 is very much owned by these VR glasses, which can be used for all kinds of purposes. The VR glasses such as Walkera Goggle 4 are nothing but some head gears where you put them on like glasses and see the games and movies just like they are happening right in front of the eyes. They can connect with the Smartphone and other devices like drones to bring the miniature world into a personalized experience.

The Virtual World And Walkera Goggle 4

The virtual world through the Walkera Goggle 4 or other VR glasses has the power of 3D graphics and the latest connectivity technology to bring the world closer. It is used to play games or any kind provided it is connected to any game devices.

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For the drones, they are useful to play games as well, for the racing drones. The view of the world through the camera fitted on the drone is brought closer to the user by wearing these Goggle 4 VR glasses. This helps in accuracy in flying the drone.

For the Smartphones, these VR glasses bring the same image as on the screen, making it an entirely new virtual world. Lets us dig more into the Goggle 4 VR glasses.

Features Of Goggle 4

For starters, the Goggle 4 has a stellar body in white color. The frame of the gear is white with black glasses and straps for attachment. The antennas connected are also black. It is designed to fit comfortable on the head.

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  • Body: The frame of the Goggle 4 has got many ports for each purpose. There are input and output ports for the AC cable, power switch, charger socket, receiver module switch, and many function keys on the body. The ports and keys are on either side of the device with the top part having the antennas.
  • Antenna: There are 2 types of antennas for Goggle 4. There is the normal looking antenna, just like that of a modem and the other one is having a small rectangle box like structure on it. These antennas serve to receive and transmit signals for the video and channel modules.
  • Power: The Goggle 4 works on battery power. It is installed with a rechargeable LiPo battery having a power of 1200mAh. The battery can still work in extreme weather, unless it is extremely extreme! The battery can work on for 120 minutes.
  • Screen: The screen of Goggle 4 is 5 inches but it projects the images bigger at 5 ft diagonal. There are provisions to adjust the brightness, contrast, and chroma of the images. It also has provision in it with high-tech optical components that reduce the visual fatigue.
  • Weight and dimensions: The Goggle 4 is just 528 grams in weight. The dimensions are 184 x 149 x 144 mm in length, width, and height.


This VR glass is equipped with 5 different bands. These bands together have 40 channels. These many channels ensures better signal functioning and makes the drone faster.

How To Operate The Function Key?

The function key operates the brightness, contrast, chroma and also helps in selecting the bands. The key can be pulled at to 3 directions. These directions are denoted by green, blue, and black colors. Puling towards each color has its functions.

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Blue helps in selecting the menu you want. Once you get the menu, pull the key to the other directions towards black or green to select the desired category. Always adjust them while the glasses are on.

AV Input/Output Function

By connecting the AV cable to the input port brings in the images and videos from your smart devices to the Goggle 4 VR glasses. It can be connected to DVD, MP4 players also.

The AV output port enables you to connect the Goggle 4 to a DVR or other recording devices to record the images and videos you are viewing through the glasses. It can also use to display the images live with the real time sound as well.


Band & Channels

As mentioned, there are 5 different bands for the 40 odd channels. The bands are Band B, Band A, Band E, Race and IRC/FB. Select the suitable band to get the images on the Goggle 4. Go through the channels to get the best image. The images are transmitter by the 5.8Hz device. The device is equipped with automatic channel search where it adjusts the image quality on its own.


Walkera Goggle 4 is compatible with all of the Walkera racing drones. It is especially useful with, Rodeo 150, F210 series, Runner 250 series and Furious 320 drones.

It works well with the racing drones to bring the view closer to let you have better control over the drone and make the racing a real experience.

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In The Package

Walkera Goggle 4 package comes with

  • 1 Goggle 4 glasses
  • 5.8G antenna A
  • 5.8G antenna B
  • 5V power cable
  • A charger
  • User manual

Customer Reviews

Customers review the Goggle 4 as a comfortable wear with awesome images. It has padding at the key areas to make its wearing comfortable. It is said that it even has room to use over the prescription glasses.

Since there is only a single control stick is inconvenient for many. Many prefer more than one control spot. The dual antenna system that gets you the best video signal is another highlight of Goggle 4.

Another point is that the battery of the device runs for 2 hours, which is longer than many other brands. In case you want a longer duration, the Goggle 4 is fully compatible to have an external USB power bank to recharge the battery as it goes.

Final Verdict

The final verdict is that the Walkera Goggle 4 has got a nice design and comfortable to use. The dual antenna system and the band width are well loved. The only problem is in its price which many feels a bit over than necessary. The lack of diopter adjustment is another concern. Otherwise, this Walkera Goggle 4 is a must try more than entry level VR glasses.

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