Walkera F210 & F210 3D Spare Parts

Walkera F210 Racing Drone

Drone flying is one of the most exciting plays amongst youngsters. But one of the most important things to consider before purchasing a drone is the easy availability of its spare parts. Walkera is a known brand offering both racing drones as well as its spare parts. If you are looking for Walkera F210 & F210 3D drone Spare Parts, then read on to know everything about them.

Walkera F210 and F210 3D Racing Drone – Introduction

The F210 and F210 3D is light, flies at very fast speed and is specifically design for racing quadcopters. Their bow body design and carbon fiber material extends the product durability. In addition, its equidistant Axis design ensures centre of gravity in the middle of aircraft to increase stability and agility. It features a night vision HD, 120° FPV camera with one million pixels. This camera comes with an adjustable camera tilt angle. The included motors guard offers extra better protection. It features the latest F3 Flight Controller. It comes with mushroom FPV Antenna with transmission distance over 800 meters to offer smooth video feed. It comes with a built-in OSD and its modular design allows easy maintenance. The F210 and F210 3D Racing Drones are fully assemble from factory. Just open the box, charge the battery and fly them high.

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Walkera F210 Spare Parts

Walkera F210 Propellers: The black F210 (1CW+1CCW) Propellers spare parts item code is F210-Z-01 and price is USD2.40.

Walkera F210 Motor Fixed Plate (Carbon Fiber): The product code and price of F210 Motor Fixed Plate (Carbon Fiber) are F210-Z-02 and USD12.00.

Walkera F210 Battery Fixed Plate (Carbon Fiber): The product code and price of F210 Battery Fixed Plate are F210-Z-03 and USD4.20.

Walkera Parts Warehouse

Walkera F210 Reinforcement Plate (Carbon Fiber): The product code and price of F210 Reinforcement Plate (Carbon Fiber) spare parts is F210-Z-04 and USD4.20.

Walkera F210 Soleplate A (Carbon Fiber) and Soleplate B (Carbon Fiber): The product code and price of F210 Soleplate A is F210-Z-05 and USD6.60. The product code and price of F210 Soleplate B is F210-Z-06 and USD3.00.

Walkera F210 Left Side Panel (Carbon Fiber) and Right Side Panel (Carbon Fiber): The F210 both Left Side Panel and Right Side Panel will cost you USD3.60. Their product codes are for left – F210-Z-07 and right panel F210-Z-08.

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Walkera F210 Skid Landing: The F210 Skid Landing spare part product code is F210-Z-09 and its price is USD3.00.

Walkera F210 Battery Fixing Board old and new: To order the F210 Battery Fixing Board old, use item code F210-Z-10 and new use code F210-Z-10B. The old Battery Fixing Board will cost you USD1.80 whereas the new is price at USD2.40.

Walkera F210 PCB Fixing Mount: Buy the F210 PCB Fixing Mount by using the code F210-Z-11 and price is USD3.00.


Walkera F210 Headlight Lamp Holder: The product code and price of this item is F210-Z-12 and USD1.80.

Walkera F210 Support Frame: The support frame of F210 price is USD1.80 and its item code is F210-Z-13.

Walkera F210 Receiver Antenna Fixing Mount: F210-Z-14 and USD1.80 are the product code and price of this spare part.

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Walkera F210 Camera Guard (Black): The F210 Camera Guard is available in black color. To buy this item use product code F210-Z-15 and its price is USD1.80.

Walkera F210 Camera Fixing Mount Old and New: To order the Camera Fixing Mount Old use product code F210-Z-16 and for new the code is F210-Z-16B. The price of these spare parts are old – USD1.80 and new USD2.40.

Walkera F210 Front Support Frame: The front support frame of F210 charges are USD4.80 and product code is F210-Z-17.

Walkera F210 Headlight Lampshade: To order this spare part use product code F210-Z-18. Its price is USD12.00

Walkera F210 Fixing Circular: The F210 Fixing Circular product code is F210-Z-19 and price is USD3.00.

Walkera F210 Screw Set: The complete screw set of F210 product code is F210-Z-20 and price is USD4.80.

Walkera F210 Brushless Motor (CW) and Brushless Motor (CCW) (WK-WS-28-014A): The product code to buy the Brushless Motor (CW) use product code F210-Z-21 and Brushless Motor (CCW) code is F210-Z-22. Both their prices are USD21.00, each.

Walkera F210 Brushless ESC (CW) and Brushless ESC (CCW): Use item code F210-Z-23 to buy Brushless ESC (CW) and F210-Z-24 to buy Brushless ESC (CCW). The price of this spare part is USD24.00, each.

Walkera F210 DEVO-RX713 Receiver: Buy the DEVO-RX713 Receiver using the product code F210-Z-25 and price USD30.00.

Walkera F210 Main Control Board: This spare part product code is HM-F210-Z-26 and its price is USD54.00.

Walkera F210 TX5825 (FCC) Transmitter: To buy this item use the code F210-Z-27 and its price is USD24.00.

Walkera F210 TX5828 (FCC) Transmitter: The Walkera F210 TX5828 (FCC) Transmitter product code and price is F210-Z-27B and USD30.00, respectively.

Walkera F210 TX5824 (CE) Transmitter: To order the TX5824 (CE) Transmitter for F210 use product code F210-Z-28 and its price is USD24.00.

Walkera F210 TX5829 (CE) Transmitter: To order the TX5829 (CE) Transmitter for F210 use product code F210-Z-28B and it will cost you USD30.00.

Walkera F210 Power Board Old and New: The old Power Board of F210 product code and price is F210-Z-29 and USD27.00. The new Power Board of F210 product code and price is F210-Z-29B and USD27.00.

Walkera F210 OSD: The build in OSD replacement will cost you USD33.00 and order this spare part using product code F210-Z-30.

Walkera F210 HD Mini Camera (700TVL): The fantastic performing F210 HD Mini Camera will cost you USD39.00 and its product code is F210-Z-31.

Walkera F210 Connection Cable for HD Mini Camera (700TVL): The F210 Connection Cable for HD Mini Camera (700TVL) product code and price is F210-Z-31-CABLE and USD1.00, respectively.

Walkera F210 Headlight: The Headlight of F210 price is USD4.50 and its item code is F210-Z-32.

Walkera F210 Taillight: The Taillight of F210 product code is F210-Z-33 and price is USD7.50.

Walkera F210 5.8G Mushroom Antenna: The ultra long transmission range getting.8G Mushroom Antenna replacement will cost you USD9.90 and order this spare part using the code F210-Z-34.

Walkera F210 Sport Camera Fixing Mount: The product code and price for this item is F210-Z-36 and USD4.50, respectively.

Walkera F210 Aluminum Carry Case for DEVO-7 or F7: This easy to move carry case will cost you USD37.50. Buy this product using the code F210-Z-37.

Walkera F210 Backpack (Sponge excluded): The F210 Backpack makes easy transportation. Use the product code F210-Z-38 to buy it and its price is USD27.00.

Walkera F210 3D Spare Parts

Walkera F210 3D Propellers(1CW+1CCW)

The F210 3D Propellers are available in orange and blue colors. The product code to buy F210 3D Propellers orange is F210 3D-Z-01. This can be used on both F210 and F210 3D. The product code to purchase F210 3D Propellers blue is F210 3D-Z-02. Please note the F210 3D Propellers blue does not come with a decorative cap. The price of this spare part is USD2.40.

Walkera F210 3D Decorative Cap: The F210 3D Decorative Cap comes in black color. Its product code and price is F210 3D-Z-03 and USD3.00.

Walkera F210 3D Camera Guard: The F210 3D Camera Guard is available in Orange and blue colors. The product code of orange Camera Guard is F210 3D-Z-04 and Blue Camera Guard is F210 3D-Z-05. The price of these spare parts is USD1.80.

Walkera F210 3D Brushless ESC (CW): The product code and price to buy Brushless ESC (CW) item is F210 3D-Z-06 and USD24.00, respectively.

Walkera F210 3D Brushless ESC (CCW): The product code and price to buy Brushless ESC (CCW) item is F210 3D-Z-07 and USD24.00, respectively.

Walkera F210 3D Main Control Board (F3D): The Main Control Board for F210 3D will cost you USD54.00. To order this item use product code F210 3D-Z-08.

Walkera F210 3D Li-po battery (14.8V 1300mAh 40C (4S)): The F210 3D Li-po battery (14.8V 1300mAh 40C (4S)) is compatible with both F210 / F210 3D models. Its product code and price are F210-Z-35 and USD $30.00, respectively.

Walkera F210 3D External Receiver Converter: The price and product code to order F210 3D External Receiver Converter is USD9.00 and F210 3D-Z-09.

Walkera F210 3D TX5825 (FCC) Transmitter: The F210 3D TX5825 (FCC) Transmitter contains no Race Band/100MW and is price at USD24.00

Walkera F210 3D TX5828 (FCC) Transmitter: The F210 3D TX5828 (FCC) Transmitter contains Race band /100MW and its price is USD30.00

Walkera F210 3D 4 Cell Li-Po Battery Charger: The product code and price of F210 3D 4 Cell Li-Po Battery Charger are GA-009 and USD30.00.

Walkera F210 and F210 3D Spare Parts – Warranty

Walkera guarantees that under certain conditions during the warranty period (as mentioned on its website, refer the link – http://www.walkera.com/index.php/Service/walkera/cat/Guarantee.html) the warranty service will be provided free of cost to its customers from the date of product purchase and they need not pay for the spare parts replacement. However, please note the different spare parts may have different warranty periods so check details on the Walkera Warranty Period Chart. For more details on this you can contact Walkera, their authorized agent/dealer from whom you purchased the product or your nearest Walkera official after-sales service center.

Walkera F210 and F210 3D Spare Parts – Where to Buy?

The Spare Parts of Walkera F210 and F210 3D are easily available across the web. You can buy them through eBay, their official websites i.e. walkeraonline.com or shop.walkera.com or from retail online affiliates like helipal.com and more. You can go through the complete spare part product details available online, so that you don’t go wrong on ordering your desired product.

Walkera F210 and F210 3D Spare Parts – Conclusion

The easy accessibility of Walkera Spare Parts makes the buyer more confident to go ahead and buy Walkera brand. Moreover, the Walkera F210 and F210 3D product performance is ultimate and most of their spare parts are back by warranty. Their free service and free replacement of spare parts within the warranty period makes the deal more attractive.

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