Dji Inspire 1 For High Quality Shots

Inspire 1 V2.0

It is equipped with a retractable landing gear. Inspire 1 can capture an unobstructed 360 degree view from its camera.

Dji Inspire 1 is a well build brand new quadcopter that is capable of capturing 4K video. It is equipped with a retractable landing gear. Inspire 1 can capture an unobstructed 360 degree view from its camera. The camera is removable, giving it the potential for upgrades. Similarly, there are two controller operations (i.e. one for piloting and the other for camera control). Read on to know more on Dji Inspire 1 and its reviews…

Specification of Dji Inspire 1

  • Size: 43.8 x 45.1 x 30.1 cm
  • Weight: 2935 g
  • Battery: 4500 mAh LiPo 6S high voltage
  • Camera: X3 – 1/2.3” CMOS sensor with aspherical lens, 12 MP, 4 K 24-30 fps video outputs.
  • Flight Speed: 22 m/s
  • Flight Time: 18 minutes
  • Control range: 2 km


Features include

Battery: Dji Inspire 1 comes with 4500 mAh Dji Intelligent Flight Battery.

Vision Positioning system: Dji Vision Positioning system uses ultrasonic and image data to fly the aircraft and to identify its current position. With VPS, the aircraft can fly indoors or in other environments (where no GPS signal is available).

Camera and Gimbal: One can do up to 4k Video recording and 12 megapixel photo capture. It has reserved mounting space for ND filters for preferable exposure control. Equally, the new quick release mount allows you to remove the camera with ease. The gimbal is designed for a high level of stability and longevity. It can also rotate the camera at 360 degrees and tilt it 125 degrees.

  • Video is 4K@24-30 fps, or 1080p @ 24-60fps.
  • 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor.
  • 94 degree wide angle FOV.


Live HD view: The 720p HD view shows you what your camera sees at all times. This is made possible by an all new refined version of Dji’s Lightbridge technology. It can transmit video from up to 5 km away.

Landing gear: Retractable landing gear enables an unobstructed panoramic view from the camera.

Flight Controller

It provides a more reliable flight experience. It stores the flight data from each flight. Equally Vision Positioning enhances hovering precision when no GPS is available. Three safe modes are available namely Failsafe, Return home and Dynamic Home Point.

  • P mode (Positioning): This mode works best when the GPS signal is strong.
  • P-GPS: Both GPS and Vision Positioning are available and Inspire1 uses GPS for positioning.
  • P-OPTI: Here, the Vision Positioning is available but the GPS signal is not available. Thus, the aircraft only uses Vision Positioning for hovering.
  • P-ATTI: Here neither GPS nor Vision Positioning is available. Thus, the aircraft only uses barometer for positioning.
  • A mode (Altitude): Both the GPS and Vision Positioning system are not used for holding position. Inspire 1 only uses its barometer to maintain the altitude.
  • F mode (Function): Intelligent Orientation Control is activated in this mode.

Flight Recorder

The flight data gets automatically stored in the internal storage device of the aircraft. Thus, one can gain access to these data through the Dji Pilot app.

It includes

  • Flight duration
  • Orientation
  • Aircraft status information
  • Distance
  • Speed and other parameters

Dji Pilot app

This app is specially designed for Inspire 1. This app lets you to control the gimbal, camera and other feature. It comes with a map; store a user centre for configuring the aircraft.

Powerful Mobile app

With this powerful app you can have complete power at your fingertips.

You can easily have live HD View.

  • Instant video downloading.
  • One can manage their Dji account.
  • Live Map and radar.
  • Sharing and connecting creativity.

Pros and Cons of Dji Inspire 1


  • The camera is better than the Vision+.
  • It can record crystal clear 4K video clips at 24-30 fps.
  • Above all, the camera is detachable. Thus, one can upgrade it easily just by unscrewing the camera.
  • Indoor flying capability.
  • It is lightweight, sturdy build.



  • Inspire 1 is very expensive.
  • Similarly, one can only use batteries that are manufactured by Dji.
  • Expensive kit.


There is a one year warranty period offered by the manufacturer for this product.

Dji Inspire 1 reviews

Inspire 1 is visually more stable in windy season when compared to Phantom 3. Equally, it provides stable tracking also when the unit is used indoors. Most of the users are happy with this product. They are saying that Dji Inspire 1 is an incredible piece of professional equipment.

“This is one of the best drones in the market. It’s simple and comes in a fantastic quality mode.”

“It’s more easy and stable to fly than my Phantom 1. Love it…”

“Really, it’s made with an amazing technology.”

“I am giving 5 stars for this product. For me, it is one of the super robust systems available in the market.

“Best for the starters…”

Where to buy Dji Inspire 1?

Dji Inspire 1 is available for sale at their official website You can buy this product at a much cheaper rate. Besides, they are offering certain discounts and coupons codes on every purchase.

Dji inspire 1 at amazon

One can also make a purchase from They are offering discount offers like $50.00 gift card. Equally, you can login with the email address for getting the latest deals and offers. So, don’t miss!

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to see the size of the images through the app?

Yes, one can preview image and video sizes through the Dji GO app.

Does the Dji Inspire 1 comes with an included SD card?

Yes, it comes with a 16GB micro-SD card.

Can I get some information about the charger?

Inspire 1 comes with a standard TB47 charger. Generally, it takes around 85 mins for charging a 4500mAh battery.


This is a prosumer drone that is good for professionals. Moreover, people who are looking for a good drone for hobby purposes should definitely buy this…

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