Dji Phantom 2 Vision Plus For Generating Aerial Photos & Videos

Phantom 4 PRO

Please note that the Phantom 2 vision+ is no longer being produced. The company recommends Phantom 4 Pro for the latest DJI technologies.

Dji Phantom 2 Vision Plus is one of the best selling drones in the world. This is more powerful than the average toy quadcopter. It is easy-to-set-up and can capture good quality aerial footage and photos. Read on to know more about Phantom 2 Vision Plus reviews…

Dji Phantom 2 Vision Plus – Features

Battery type 5200mAh LiPo
Still Fram Definition 14 MegaPixel
HD Video Recording 1080/p30 or 1080/60i
Communication distance 1000-1500ft
Gimbal type 3-axis
Flight time 20-25 minutes
Maximum Flight speed 33.5 mph
Maximum Ascent speed 13.4 mph

Weight: 1,160 grams.


Propellers found in this drone include

  • Color coded propellers
  • Self tightening propellers
  • Slot loading battery pack

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The drones 5200mAh LiPo battery will get you 20-25 minutes of fly time. Equally, if the drone is flying at the top speed in the winds. Then you can expect lower flight times. Similarly, it will take around 1 hour and 40 minutes for a full reboot (if the battery is dead).

Camera and Gimbal System

The camera is comparable to a Go Pro Hero 3+. It can capture HD video (1080/p30 or 1080/60i) and 14 mega-pixel still shots. Besides, one can also control the camera characteristics like exposure compensation and white balance. There are options to choose between a 90, 120 and 140 degree field of view.


There is a 3-axis gimbal for housing the camera. It stabilizes the camera to the highest degree.

GPS features include

  • Auto return home: This is one of the helpful features that works well in tricky situations. Here, one has to just toggle a few switches and the Phantom 2 Vision plus will return back (from where it took off).
  • Autonomous flight: With this Phantom’s autopilot feature you can take map specific waypoints before taking off.
  • Hover mode: This mode is useful for many reasons. Using this you can grab photos and video when the camera is perfectly still. Besides, this feature can also get back to the GPS recorded position in extreme windy conditions.


The set includes

Lithium Polymer battery, a battery charger, two sets of propellers, camera and gimbal, a tool kit, some extra parts for gimbal attachment, a range extender (that comes with a mini USB charger).

Dji Vision app

This app will let you fly the drone in first person view mode. But you need a smartphone to use this app. With this, one will be able to see what the camera sees and other factors like battery life, flight mode etc. Equally you can use this app for programming up to 16 waypoints.

Warranty: There is a one year warranty period offered by the manufacturer.

Pros and Cons of Dji Phantom 2 Vision Plus


  • One of the significant features is that it is easy to upgrade.
  • Comes with excellent build quality.
  • Similarly, contains highly responsive controls.
  • Built-in useful autonomous features.


  • One of the major drawbacks is that it comes with only one battery.
  • Thus, it requires long charge time.
  • Complicated gimbal controls.

How to set up and fly this Dji Phantom 2 Vision Plus?

Setting up this Phantom 2 Vision for flight is a very easy process.

  • Firstly power on the quadcopter, remote control and the wireless range extender.
  • It will take around 30 seconds for the extender to initiate.
  • Next, when the extender initiates. Just connect your phone’s wifi to it.
  • In the next step, open the Dji vision app and get ready to fly.


Dji Phantom 2 Vision Plus Reviews

Overall, the product has received 3.9 stars out of 5 stars. People are satisfied with the 1080p/720p camera, which can shoot around 30/60 frames per second. Similarly, it is very easy to handle. Since, it is not sporadic. It flies so high at a very fast rate. Overall, the beauty of this drone lies in its simplicity. Mentioned below are some honest customer reviews. You can go through them in order to get a better picture of this drone. Let’s have a look at some…

“The gimbal of this drone is awesome. This added feature allows the camera to look straight down. Thus, allowing a better point of view…”

“For me this Dji Phantom 2 Vision Plus is faster. In comparison to the usual vision 2.”

“Really, this drone is worth the $ spent. I love it and would like to give it 5 stars.”

“I think i have made a right decision of purchasing this drone.”

Where to buy thisDji Phantom 2 Vision Plus?

You can buy the product from the official website at at an affordable price. Besides, the product is also available at One can avail certain discounts, coupon and promo codes for this product. Amazon offers 72% off on such drones. Also, they have other choices like anytime gift cards. Where you can purchase anything between $10-$2,000. Alternatively, one can login with their email address for getting all the latest deals. So, hurry up! Grab this opportunity at the earliest.

Frequently asked questions

I want to know that whether an ipad can be used in the place of a smartphone?

No, it is not a good idea to use an ipad. Since, the apps are available for phone usage only.

Does the camera have a zoom lens?

No, there is no zoom lens for the camera. But the field of lens can be set manually.

Hi, is it possible to detach the camera and use it like a Go Pro?

No, not at all. It is not possible to use it like a Go Pro.

Does this model come with a free battery?

No, there is no free second battery.

Does the camera use a removable memory card?

Yes, there is a 4 GB Micro sim card which is removable. You can plug it into the computer in order to download the videos.

Are the camera’s of both the vision 2+ and vision 2 the same?

No, the camera’s are not same. The vision 2+ has high definition capabilities and is able to record at slow motion also. When, compared to the vision 2.


This is an excellent drone for the beginners. They can effortlessly record the good quality HD footage. In short, nothing can compare to the reliability and the camera quality of Dji Phantom 2 Vision Plus

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