Drones Plus Robbed of $35,000 – Video captures theft

What do burglars take? have you seen them take old clothes and newspapers after breaking in to homes? do you hear news about a burglary of old funitures in posh estates? Well No! thieves do know whats worth and in almost all cases, they seem to have done their research! The Drones Plus store in studio city saw the third heist in the past year! They were robbed of $35,000 worth of Cash and goods, including boxed drones worth $2500 upwards.

A decade and a half ago , we saw a string of mobile phone thefts, but this is the age of drones and now, there are burglars who steal drones. Very expensive drones. Fortunately for the company, Drones Plus, they were fully insured and have video camera’s installed. After the initial 2 heists, the company had even caged their product to trigger an alarm if anyone entered the cage. The motion sensors too were in place. You would realize how secure the place is already! Caged products, motion sensors, video camera!!! Cut then the burglars were not the normal thugs either. They knew what they were doing and what they were going to steal. You don’t go into a Tech store hoping to get away unnoticed and they were surely prepared.

Crawling to avoid the sensors, Breaking through the grills and getting away with products worth $35,000 succesfully gives a clear message. The drones are worth stealing. Unfortunately these drones which were stolen will not be on sale as the company has a list of all their product serial numbers, which could be tracked down. this will also give the drone manufacturers and dealers a heads up to incorporate security features (like the imei number on your mobile phone) to be patched in to your drone!

Till we find the culprit, lets hope that there will be lesser heists at the drones plus store !

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