Drones Replace humans for Bridge inspection in Duluth

Its nothing new that drones are taking human jobs and the latest in news is the Bridge inspection job in Duluth. Inspecting a bridge, high above water could be a task which requires more than technical knowledge about the bridge itself. You need to be cautious about weather conditions, safety norms and a lot more. It turns out that its a responsibility for the company doing the inspection and a risk for the person doing it. Replacing such jobs with machines were always considered but without luck. With drones on the scene, things seem to take a better turn. The drone used for the inspection of the Bridge in Duluth is packed with a high end camera and a bumper for protection of the drone and people around. At 18 inches in diameter, the drone can capture details where humans find it hard to go.

with over 20,000 Bridges in Minnesota alone, the task of bridge inspection is a daily job 365 days a year. there are at least 55 bridges to be inspected every day and some of them would take more than one day to finish. Finding people who can do that kind of job every day could be hard, considering the risk involved. The companies too are refraining from employing people in the industry unless required by the law and the norms are in their favour. Drones on the other hand, is cheaper and less risky in an inspection zone. While most of the inspection can be done with a drone, not everything is replaceable. Though the drone does the initial inspection, its mandatory that someone does a manual check on the entire bridge, but this takes less time as the drone has done a major percentage of the persons job.

The possibility of implementing drones in such jobs are high as long as it meets the federal aviation guidelines. Many of the norms set by the FAA are restrictive which does not allow the use of drones in most industries. Due to safety concerns the FAA has its own set of guidelines which companies and people are bound to adhere. While most of the mining corporations do have people with aviation experience, there are few who talk the FAA Lingo in other industries like building and construction. Once the FAA brings in the norms on par with the industries and the industries agree to the rules of the FAA there may be a lot of changes in the way drones operate.
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Machines are an integral part of our lives now and drones are taking up a major part of our risks and responsibilities in a good way. Its not just bridge inspection, but wild life conservation and oil field inspections too are taking the helps of drones to monitor situations on the ground. The time is not far away when drones will be taking the roles of real life heroes who saved people from jobs of hazard!

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