Why Drones with IED’s Are giving Sleepless nights to Security Professionals

The 2013 news about a drone landing in the white house lawn is old news. Now lets assume that the drone was carrying six pounds of C4, which is highly possible considering the pay load is easy carry for most of the drones available today including the DJI series, and actually lands on top of the white house. The fact that this small drone cannot be caught on radar and easily navigable makes the possibility high. if this device was to be activated remotely , an IED, then this could be a potential , high risk device.


The security officials, seem to have a genuine reason to worry about. Recently there were clips of a quadcopter acquired by the ISIS which was being loaded to a truck. What and how they intend to use is not known. An equipment like a normal quadcopter could change the course of war against terrorism. There are major concerns on how the device could be used and how it will affect the plans of war. all the concerns are clearly genuine. Will these unmanned device, armed with the latest in explosive devices, enabled with remote detonation, be a threat?

Information and technology has posed as a major threat to today’s world and the latest innovations has put in major concern on security world wide. while in the era of Mobile phones, people found it for great purposes, there were others who used it for other, more harmful ways. The Sim card is currently used to activate IED’s, People use mobile phones to capture personal bedroom moments and yet others find mobile phones useful to arrange and deploy meetings related to terror. The same applies to Unmanned vehicles. A considerable low cost equipment , which could help these vile elements to achieve goals, usually taking hours of planning and risking detection can be done in less than 10 minutes by flying a drone from a dilapidated house or building to the target.

The concerns of the Army and the defence world wide is seen on these devices. India, seems to be drawing a lot of rules on such small commercial drones, now readily available online and in stores. The US has come with certain laws for commercial use of small drones. The world will follow with a string of rules and some may even ban these devices in their home country!

Read the complete news on the Department of defence website here

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