I love cars & I love drones. When someone is going to give me a combination of both, I am all eyes ears and what not. Rinspeed’s new technology and innovation is going to amaze you, leave your mouth wide opened. Think about a car which is completely autonomous. No drivers andRead More →

This is the Candy store for UAV fanatics. Think of all the best companies which are trying to put forward their use of UAV commonly known as drones. From industries ranging from mapping to agriculture and a lot of Video and photography sites there are a range of technology companiesRead More →

People do crazy things all the time and this time someone tried to fish with a drone and actually succeeded. Not an amazing feat altogether but then surely a great idea. I was wondering what would happen if the fish was around 10 Kilo’s. Imagine your $1000 drone going underwater in 1…2….3!Read More →

Canadian’s hoverboard actually fliesA Canadian has invented a hoverboard THAT ACTUALLY FLIES http://www.cbc.ca/1.3270569See the full story from CBC News: The National here http://www.cbc.ca/1.3270569 Posted by CBC News on Wednesday, 14 October 2015 IF drones could carry a camera, a hoverboard will carry you. Look at the New invention by aRead More →

Drones are now not just for the purpose of taking videos. There are people who find fun in even the most boring of things and the drone racers are not those kind! They spice up things which are already intresting. Last time i thought that drones could be used forRead More →