Building Bridges in the Air – Innovation of the Week

Termed as one of the greatest inventions this week, this small video is going viral on how 3 drones have managed to build a bridge which can help people walk through. though it may look a small step, there is a lot going behind the scene and its mostly autonomous.

Building a bridge requires skill in itself but it takes a lot of analyzis too. The small 3 drone unit is capable of analyzing the best anchor points to start with, analyze load potential and build the entire breidge, weaving and braiding the attached ropes to create an efficient bridge without human intervention and it can carry the load of a person. The experiment carried out by the Federal institute of technology , Zurich is gaining tract after these 3 drones built a bridge over a scaffolding at 24 feet wide.

The demonstration is available on the video below and is currently ranked as the innovation of the week by the week manazine.

You can read more from the week magazine here.

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