Queen B Robotics – Innovation Extending Drones to the next Level

In the PC industry we saw a string of small tools and devices which sprouted out slowly to enhance the usage of computers. The initial computers were simply fixed with a keyboard but later with the introduction of GUI, we saw a mouse, Color monitors, Headphones and speakers, Web cams, microphones, Scanners, printers and as of today, it seems like you could connect your bathroom faucet to your PC. The age of Drones has started to come up with new add ons too.

At Queen B Robotics, the founder is keen on enhancing drones. A PHD in Unmanned aerial vehicles, Chris Blower is in Love with his job and aviation in general. A Team of three can do wonders and make a difference to an industry and that’s exactly what the Queen B Robotics is doing. Working in collaboration with 3d Robotics, Queen B has come up with 2 new concepts for drones which will be released by 2015 december. One is still a prototype , but the other is functional and awaiting implementation.

The concept of taking to air and avoiding collision is of concern for most drone flyers. Trees, buildings, other drones are all a concern when you are looking at a limited air space. At Queen B Robotics, Chris blower is working on a device which can be incorporated with any 3D Robotics drones and enable it to avoid collision. It will avoid obstacles in its path and re-route itself depending on the obstacles. Now flying around a building or Tree, avoiding power cables and detecting other drones could be done with ease.

Queen B Robotics is also in the process of creating another prototype which can  enable the drone to automatically allot areas to fly. In a search and rescue mission, the drones will automatically allot itself a set range and fly in that range , all Automatically. Its predicted that the cost of search and rescue missions will be significantly low and a lot faster with drones with this technology. You could think of a chopper searching 20 Square miles for a person as opposed to 20 Drones flying 20 Square miles each automatically taking its 1 square mile. The drone are more thorough in its search, it much faster and chances are high that the drone picks up the object before the person in the chopper.

Chris Blower is probably just one of the few who has started to make a difference in his small office in berkeley. There will be a lot more other companies which will join to create more innovative products in the coming future to enhance to abilities of drones.

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