Yamaha RMAX – 260 CC Monster Drone for Agricultural Spraying

at $160,000 you would probably buy a 100 Drones from DJI but then you would not beat the 260CC Yamaha, the monster of a coptor drone which weights 100KG. The Yamaha Rmax is probably a bit too big for entertaiment and surely a bit dangerous. The first RC Coptor which was approved by the FAA for commercial purpose, the Yamaha RMAX is not something you can buy off the shelf though!

With mandatory 3 week training for the operator and a complete background check of the buyer, the Yamaha RMAX is not a machine which can be taken for granted. While there are many news about RC Coptors for personal use not killing anyone, the YAMAHA RMAX indeed has a victim from korea who stood too close to the coptor while taking off. Safety concerns led the manufacturer to prompt training to the operator and a detailed 3 weeks is mandatory!

Flying a drone is easy but not the Yamaha RMAX. Slow to take off and going up to a max of 4000 feet, but with radio signals only up to 2000 Feet, you would not be able to penetrate commercial air space creating risk to airlines. The RMAX can be on air for nearly an hour. The Speed of the coptor is approximately 20KMPH max which keeps it easy to maintain speed. Since its not possible to speed up the coptor, chances of accidents are “reduced” , but the risk of taking it too near to objects still exist.

Yamaha is not expecting a record one million sale this christmas with the RMAX but then i dont think a lot of people can shell in that kind of money for fun anyways.

Rules are changing and the new coptors in the market is indeed good news for people in all industries.

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