Walkera QR X900 Hexacopter – Enjoy The Extended Flight Time

Walkera QR X900 FPV RC Hexacopter Quadcopter

QR X900 is a 6 legged, rotors drone that has a better flight time with a weight carrying capacity of 22 pounds on it.

If you notice, the major drawback with the flying drones is that they have a very less flight time. The maximum it can fly is about 20 minutes, before it needs recharging. Drones with longer flight time are a dream that many drone pilots prays for. The Walkera QR X900 is the answer to their prayers.

Not only is the Walkera QR X900 has an extended flight time of over 25 minutes, it is also a hexacopter with 6 propellers to take it through the aerial sceneries. Mind you, this is no cheap drone but is one of the most expensive drones that are used for photography and filming high quality images and pictures.

Quick look at QR X900

QR X900 is a 6 legged, rotors drone that has a better flight time with a weight carrying capacity of 22 pounds on it. It is fairly large in size. QR X900 has a speed of 43 mph and can go up to a height of 3000 ft with its load. It is equipped with multiple systems to keep it safe from any failures with a highlighted feature of parachute landing. Yes! You heard it right. The Walkera QR X900 is installed with its own parachute to help it land safely in case there is a failure with the engine.

QR X900 Features

Body and design

The QR X900 drone is made in sturdy material of carbon fiber. It shouts about its craftsmanship in its appearance. It has 6 arms to carry the 6 rotors. QR X900 is easily changed from its 6 axis to work on just 4 axis. The drone is made to work, even if one of the 6 rotors fails to work or stop in the middle. The body design makes it foldable at an angle of 90 degrees.

The stellar make and the body design helps it survive any harsh turbulence while on flight. This professional friendly drone has competitive flight control system. The stability of the equipment is also extended to safeguard the camera it carries and helps take quality images and videos. This could easily be the best choice for aerial photography.

The safety protection

Intelligent security protection system

The intelligent security protection system in QR X900 allows the drone to continue working in case one of the rotors is faulty in mid-flight. In case of accidents and an external force collides with the flight, it can automatically change to GPS mode and keep up the altitude that it is flying at. Then with the help of the radio control, it can be brought down without further damage. This ability to stay under control even in these harsh circumstances and preventing crash is highly commendable.

Parachute safety protection

The parachute safety protection device is attached at the top of the Walkera QR X900. Drones that fly at a higher speed can meet a crash anytime. This time, the device can definitely go out of control. This parachute safety protection system help land the device without causing a crash landing.

When the flying drone gets out of control and get into an inclination of 80 degrees suddenly, this parachute safety protection is triggered to work. The parachute opens suddenly and automatically, helping the device to land safely. The parachute can also open manually when needed otherwise. This is a great support especially with the fact that the device is equipped carry high end cameras.


Most of the drones are quadcopters with 4 rotors for its working. QR X900 is an hexacopter with 6 rotors. All of these use the brushless motor for their working that work smother. With 6 of them, the device has got better stability.

Moreover, they reduce the vibration by the rotors on the camera and helps get better images or videos. This also helps with higher altitude photography.

The gimbal where the camera will be attaching has 3-axis preciseness. It also reduces the camera vibration caused by the flight.

Interchangeable axis

Although Walkera QR X900 is a hexacopter, it doesn’t take much for it to convert into a quadcopter. Simply remove the side rotors and slightly adjust the upper and lower axis accordingly to make it into a quadcopter. Reattach the 2 axis to again make it a hexacopter. This removal or attachment of the rotors is easy.

For a light weighted camera and a demand for a faster pace, the 4-axis mode is better. It can fly faster and for longer duration as well. The flight time with 4-axis is longer at 25 minutes. It you have a heavier camera keep the 6-axis. The hexacopter has a weight carrying capacity of 10kg.

Intelligent inspection system

The intelligent inspection system automatically works as the drone is powered on. it checks the system circuit, the pairing of the controller and the aircraft, the compass status and the GPS signal. It displays the battery power that helps you know precisely where the power stands. The aircraft is better with full battery power for longer flight time and for safety of the equipment.

Foldable and portable design

Let me warn you, QR X900 is not small device, it is a larger equipment. It is not easy to carry it in its assembled form. The rotor arms and the landing gear are foldable to make it easier to carry around. All of its arms can be folded to 90 degrees to keep closer to body. The rotor arm length diameter which is 990mm will be just 550 mm in diameter when folded. This helps reduce the pack size and easier for transportation. When done carrying, extend the arms, tighten them and the aircraft is once again ready to take flight.

Landing gear

In many cases, the landing gear of the drone can come in the way of the aerial photography. Not all landing gear in the drone can fold out of the way of camera. The Walker QR X900 has this unique feature to fold the landing gear up over the camera and not come in its way. The gimbal helps with getting pictures in 3 angles of sideways and downwards.

Battery power and extended flight time

Like other drones, the QR X900 is also working with the help of the battery power from the LiPo battery. the battery power is 16000mAh. The additional feature is the GenSmart methanol motor that can recharge the battery while on the flight. This way the battery life is extended so is the flight time.

With a full tank of this fuel, this device is capable of keep on flying for over an hour by this hybrid powering system. It can generate a power of 1500 watts. The generator is ultra light weighted.

The drone can work on both the hybrid mode with the extended power or simply on battery power. The methanol generator could be noisy for some; they can enjoy the battery mode along. Remember, without the generator it has just 16 minutes of flight time.

Other features

  • The other features of QR X900 include the altitude hold where the aircraft can stay put at a designated altitude without falling
  • Flight planning enables the drone to be flown in a specific path that is pre-determined.
    GPS compatibility allows the drone to fly to a particular location
  • It is ready to fly, needing just the arms to assemble. It doesn’t take much time to attach them.
  • QR X900 has an operating range of 1000m.
  • The compatible remote control is DEVO-F12E which comes with the package. You can choose the preferred side for the throttle, right or left. Mode 1 is for right hand throttle and mode 2 is left hand throttle.
  • It also flaunts the feature Return Home that helps the equipment find its home for safe landing, no matter where it is set.
  • The battery charger comes in 2 options only with an European plug or in American plug.

Remote control- DEVO F12E

The remote control for the QR X900 is this specialized FPV radio named DEVO F12E. It has built-in 32 channels with a receiving strength of 5.8Ghz for the real time images. The radio is equipped to have a manual gimbal controlling knob. The radio has a maximum transmitting distance of 1.5Km

  • Telemetry function displays the temperature, voltage, altitude, distance, GPS coordinates of the real time images or sceneries on the screen. The battery display shows 3 pieces to show the strength.
  • The gimbal control knob is in 2 parts with one controlling the pitch angle of the camera. The angle is at 130 degrees and could vary for another 90 degrees up or down. The next is the one that controls the camera rolling to the sides. It happens at 45 degrees.
  • The user language of this radio control is selected from 4 languages- English, Spanish, French or Dutch.
  • This DEVO F12E radio software could be updated easily online to keep it up to date. The radio weighs about 15 gms with dimension of 47 x 32 x 16 mm.
  • It works on battery from LiPo battery with a power of 1600-3000mAh. It can also work on 8 batteries with a power of 1.5V or NiMH 8 number at 1.2V to get the same power range.

Walkera QR X900 Conclusion

Clearly, Walkera QR X900 is an aerial drone made for photography and videography. The stable make and smart features make it an ideal choice to shoot under some extreme conditions and still get stable images. The main issue is its price which is very high. It is better suited for professionals. The double battery power is a blessing to take long term photography where it is not easy to recharge the battery often. The final view is that this is an advanced drone to carry your precious camera. After investing huge amount on your camera, you need equally good drone to carry them and in that regard, Walkera QR X900 is the best suited.


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