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Walkera Tali H500 belongs to the 500-size category of drones. This one is for people who do not love the open airframe concept. Walkera is a famous brand that keeps innovating and customers love this brand for the features they offer.

In this article, we will discuss about the Walkera Tali H500 that comes with exciting features

Unlike other quads from various manufactures that come with an open-air frame, Tali H500 comes with full body. It actually cuts down the pain of assembling and fitting electronics parts and other accessories into the gadget. For professionals it will be a cakewalk, however, it is not the same for a person who knows nothing about a drone. Walkera is the first to overcome the open-air frame concept in the 500-size category.

How does the Walkera Tali H500 look like?

This quadcopter is a plug-n-play device with comes with every single accessory. The main point is customers find it very easy to unbox and take a flight. Below you can find all the specifications of the FPV TALI H500

  • Main Rotor Diameter: 233mm
  • APM flight controller
  • Diagonal length without the rotors: 500mm
  • Brushless Motor: WK-WS-34-001
  • Well-suited to work with brushless gimbals
  • Brushless ESC: WST-15AH (R/G))
  • Receiver used : Devo-RX7053
  • Main Controller: FCS-H500
  • Battery: 6S 22V 5200mAh/ lithium polymer
  • Has a Flight Time of 25 minutes


  • Length: 471mm
  • Width: 536mm
  • Height: 270mm

General design

The Walkera Tali H500 comes in an RTF KIT, which contains everything that a flying enthusiast will require. The kit also includes the Devo F12E transmitter for live streaming of videos. This quadcopter looks stylish with its curves and the main frame. It covers all the untidy wires and parts inside the body giving a nice full shape. This beautiful FPV racing drone is available in two colors; white and black.

Tali H500 is also a great pick due to the retractable landing skids. These legs are made of carbon fibers that can be flipped to the other side with a click while shooting videos. Generally, drone lovers have to buy it separately but in the case of Tali 500, it is very easy. These retractable skids do not hinder the view of the cameras offering a great flight. In case of damages, the legs can be detached from the body easily and you can fit a replacement without removing the whole body. This is possible because each leg comes with its own servomotors. This feature is great for those who love to pan their cameras.

Flight time

This drone can fly for around 25minutes without any payload. The 22V 6S 5400 mAh battery, powers the flight time with full energy. The time does not remain stable as it is depended on the weather conditions and the weight carried. If the camera and the gimbal are flying along with the drone then you can get a flight time close to 15 minutes.

The battery looks weird with 4 green LEDs, a power switch and a red power check button. Installing the battery is simple and to remove it you can press the two latches at the rear ends. In a 500-sized drone, these features are like a boon and users do not have to build such attributes themselves. Flight Controller used in this is the open-source APM flight controller by ArduPilot. This controller gets working after you connect it to a computer and you are ready to fly your drone. This flight controller dominates the drone and decides its flying abilities.


This drone includes Walker’s G-3D 3-axis gimbal which can compensate the drones pitch, roll and pan movements accurately. This helps to shoot clear and crisp videos. The 13-megapixel high-definition ilook camera with the FPV system helps to transmit live streaming videos to the user without any delays. With this drone, you are sure to obtain stable videos and images without any troubles.

  • 12- Channel 2.4 ghz transmitter with built-in FPV monitor
  • The Devo F12E is one of the reliable transmitters from the Walkera brand. Below you can find the features of this transmitter
  • 12 channels and a professional computer radio system, Encoder: 12-channel micro computer system
    Frequency: 2.4GHz DSSS
  • Output power: ≤100mW
  • 5″ LCD screen 640 x 480P for better viewing
  • Transmission range/ Control range around 1km @ 100mw power, Radio distance: ≥1km
  • 5.8G video image receiver with 32 channels
  • 4 stick modes for maneuvering the flight
  • RF transmitter that is power adjustable
  • Supports multi-rotors like airplane helicopters
  • Compatible with 15 other models
  • Transmits and supports Telemetry functions like GPS data, altitude, distance, voltage, and temperature to the end user
  • Auto ID binding & Fixed ID for making connections with other devices
  • online firmware updates
  • Current drain: Close the video ≤300mA (100mW); view the video ≤430mA (100mW)
  • Power supply: Li-Po 7.4V / 11.1V 1600 – 3000mAh or 5# battery 8*1.5V or NiMH 8*1.2V 1600 – 3000mAh
  • Output pulse: 1000 – 2000us (1500us neutral)
  • 5.8Ghz video distance: 0.5 – 2km (up to transmitter)
  • Image frequency: 32 points
  • Frequency domain: 5645MHz – 5945MHz
  • Stand-by time: 6 – 12 hours

TALI H500 GPS Drone Features in a quick glance

  • Comes with a Walkera iLook+ HD Camera w/ 5.8Ghz Video Transmitter for live streaming of videos and images
  • Included Walkera 3-Axis Gimbal for stable shooting and aerial photography
  • Take Off / Landing with a press of a single key
  • Altitude hold mode and Autorotation mode
  • On key go home feature which allows the drone to return home safely
  • Fail-safe return home feature
  • Hyper IOC mode
  • Retractable Landing Gear for obstruction free video footage during pan mode
  • The perfect drone for FPV racing with all built-in features
  • Control all aspects of flight with the F12E 12CH FPV radio (w/ FPV Reciever and 5″ Monitor)
  • Real time OSD flight parameters display and transmission range of 1 km
  • Stabilized 6 axis Flight Controller – DEVO-H and flies for 25 minutes without payloads


Where to buy: You can buy this drone from Amazon and their official Walkera site. It comes in RTF package and includes the following components.

  • 1 X TALI H500 GPS Drone
  • 1 X Walkera DEVO F12E 2.4GHz LCD Digital Transmitter w/ 5″ FPV Monitor
  • (Suitable for your country) 1 X Power Supply for Charger
  • 1 X Walkera 22.2V 5400mAh Li-Po Battery Cartridge
  • 6 pcs of propellers, USB cable, battery and camera cables
  • 1 X Walkera iLook+ Camera
  • 1 X Walkera G-3D 3-Axis Gimbal
  • 1 X B6 Lithium-Po Battery/ Charger


If you love to fly a drone then you would find irresistible many features in the Tali H500. However, there are similar drones that come with better options in the FPV racing category. If you plan to use the drone for photography or work related purposes then this one is a great pick. You do not have to know much about the specs and details if you are not interested in flying like a pro. For professional uses like building constructions, aerial photography, and other similar applications, this drone performs well. It shoots stable and clear videos and images. Overall, this drone has a reasonable price and a stylish design.


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