Walkera Voyager 3 To Enjoy Professional Aerial Photography

Walkera Voyager 3 Gopro Dual-Navigation System GPS RC Quadcopter

Walkera Voyager 3, precisely is an easy to fly drone with professional camera with its intelligent control system. It is very easy to operate that can bring the best photographic abilities in one and all. The device is GPS enabled with high powered battery as the power source. The brushless motor works smooth for about 20-25 minutes. The Voyager 3 drone is equipped with an intelligent self monitoring system for safety.

Voyager 3 is useful for image transfer as well as for recording videos. Its control is in the form of DEVO F12E that includes a monitor for easy control. The drone can be controlled by this radio control or with the help of a Smartphone. Yes, it is THAT easy and THAT advanced.

Incredible Features Of Walkera Voyager 3

Body and design

The best feature of Voyager 3 is its body design. It looks stunning in white and black combination. There are 4 arms with rotors, a pair of landing gear, flexible and detachable gimbal with an HD professional camera attached at the end. You cannot ask for more with this drone. It comes with all that are needed. The body is made using ABS plastic, aluminum, and carbon fiber.

The carbon fiber is used for the arms and propellers that can resist falls and crashes. The drone is made to carry enough weight of the camera included. The brushless motor allows you to have the loading of the cameras GoPro 3, 3+ or 4 in its gimbal.


The intelligent modular design of the aircraft also allows automatic self inspection of the drone for any malfunctions with the battery, GPS system, control signals or barometer to maintain its safety. This intelligent system works in the background when the drone is in its flight. Each inspection module will be displayed on a small screen at the top and blink sin green when everything is fine.

Body transform

The best part is that the landing gear and the gimbal are synchronized in its work. Most often the landing gear can come in the way of aerial photography, restricting the view of the camera. To avoid this situation, an L shaped handle connects them both. The landing gear retracts while the gimbal comes down from its place. This allows more space for the camera to have uninterrupted view and allows the gimbal have the 360 degree rotation freely. When the landing gear comes down, the gimbal retracts to allow smoother landing.

Detachable gimbal

The gimbal is detachable from the body after use. The gimbal moves freely and does not cause the camera any shake or make it feel the vibration. It is as professional as the camera attached to it. It allows stale images and photography all the while.

Navigation system

The transmission rate of this camera is 60 FPS that too from a beyond visual range. It works in sync with the GPS and GLONASS systems. It can have accurate flying around a specific object or place as required.

The follow me features allows the drone to take its flight and follow a particular object and take continuous images or frames.

Fly around in circles, as it says, circles around the object to take 360 degrees view of it.

Intelligent flight enables the drone to connect with the ground station equipment, that is provided, to have automatic take off and landing.

Power source

The camera works on rechargeable battery. The power source used here is the nuclear powered lithium polymer battery that has higher power capacity at 29.6V 3000mAh 10C (8S). The power can sustain for a flight time of 20-25 minutes. This time is achieved by the presence of not just 1 but 2 of such batteries. The batteries have got LED lights to display the battery power to let you know the status.

Control and transmission – DEVO F12E

The controlling system of Voyager 3 is the DEVO F12E that has both the control keys and a small LCD screen attached. This reduces the need for an extra hand to have complete control over the aircraft. This is a single pilot flight that can transmit the feed through 12 different channels.

The LCD monitor is 5 inches wide to show the images from the camera. The aircraft is connected to the screen and can transfer images at 5.8G for the real image footage. It has a connectivity distance of 1000 meters.

For the real control connection there is an extra device called the ground station, a small equipment with the package. This when connected allows the aircraft automatic take off and return when done. The ground station also allows you to have control over the drone through your Smartphone, with the help of an app.

Easy to fly feature

This feature includes a one-key take off and one-key landing feature. It also has the quick keys to make the drone to circle a single object and hold in the same place.

Custom made camera

The HD camera that can work with the Voyager 3 is custom made to fit and work with the drone itself. The camera is included in the package. Voyager 3 comes with just the drone and its accessories. It is a GoPro camera that can take images and videos of HD quality. You don’t need to look for a better option as this camera is HD with the readings like 1080p, high speed image transmission, 3D stabilization technology with free movements and rotation in 360 degrees.

The camera resolutions are 4608 x 3456 pixels for the images that will be saved as MJPG format in the device. The videos will be 1080p with 60 frames per second. The videos will be saved in MP4 format.

What’s in the box?

  • Voyager 3 aircraft
  • Gimbal with 3-axis and rotatable in 360 degrees
  • GoPro camera
  • Radion control DEVO F12E: you can choose the control either with right handed or left handed
  • Ground Control Station
  • Transfer: FCC/CE
  • Optional: Add the Goggle-2 Pro
  • 2 LiPo batteries
  • Charger with your choice of plug type

The Pros and Cons of Walkera Voyager 3


The highlights of Voyager 3 is its longer flight time, self inspection feature, retractable landing gear for 360 degrees view for the camera, and the dual navigation system. All of these are major concerns with other types of drones. With the fact that the gimbal can stay steady, makes it all the more worthy to avoid vibrations on the camera.


  • The down points of the Voyager 3 are that it does not have longer range with the control.
  • The batteries are unique so hard to find replacement for the same.
  • The price is surely high that may not fit well with many.
  • This is not a beginner friendly drone that everyone can use it.
  • No matter what it may have, the drone is a bit bulky and heavy for the comfort of many.

Walkera Voyager 3: The Verdict

The final verdict is that Voyager 3 is a professional drone with a professional camera attached to it. Whatever drawbacks it may have, it can sure take quality pictures without disturbances of vibrations, thanks to the advanced features. If you are looking for a professional drone, this is for you. If you are looking for a beginner drone to practice and then move forward, you better looking for it elsewhere.


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